By Chris Lingebach

Back in August, the idea of the Redskins going 5-11 this season sure seemed unlikely.

Even at 2-2, coming off a loss in Kansas City, that seemed like a stretch. What nobody knew at the time: That was the start of a 10-game tailspin, in which the Redskins would win just three football games — against the 49ers, Seahawks and Giants — and now, suddenly, a season worthy of a “not very good!” from Steve Spurrier seems somewhat within reach.

Which would be really unfortunate for Chris Russell, who back in training camp made what seemed at the time like the blandest of all sports proclamations.

Chris Russell Swears Off Making Bets

Coming off another blowout loser — a 30-13 drubbing by the Chargers — Sunday, the Redskins are sitting in prime position to go 5-11.

Cakes: The Redskins are sitting at 5-8. Why don’t you update the listeners? If the Redskins fail to win another game, The Rooster has to walk from D.C. to Ashburn. That is still in play unless the Redskins win another game.

Russell: It is, unfortunately. My boys are letting me down, you know? These dogs are already starting to bark. Yeah, I don’t know. Here’s my thing. It’s a point where people are so tapped out, so apathetic in some ways that it’s the only thing I hear about on Twitter. A lot of it is fellow media members stirring the pot. Rick Snider has been in charge of just stirring the pot every week. Nick Ashooh is just constantly… And, I mean, people tweet me left and right about getting new shoes, getting warmed up, getting ready. I mean, people care so much about having to see me suffer and walk 34 miles from Nationals Park to Redskins Park in the middle of January, that they’re almost like rooting for the Redskins to be a complete and utter disaster as opposed to the mostly disaster that they already are.

Russell informed Junkies listeners his more-and-more-likely theoretical walk would take place in Mid-January.

“It would be really cold,” he said. “I made this stupid, ridiculous proclamation three days before training camp never figuring that they would have 20 guys on IR and I thought I was safe. I mean, I should still be safe. They have the Arizona Cardinals at home, Denver at home and then the Giants on the road. I mean, if you can’t win one of these three games: A) I deserve to walk, I guess; B) everyone deserves to get fired — everyone.”

“I mean, at least this bet wouldn’t cost me any money,” Russell went on to say. “It might cost me my life.”

Fingers crossed.

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