By Chris Lingebach

In a radio feud no one saw coming, 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen responded to national radio host Dan Patrick on Friday.

Patrick fired the first shot Friday morning on his nationally syndicated radio show (which is also televised nationally).

This all stems from Patrick’s Monday morning broadcast, in which he floated some information he received about how Redskins receivers purportedly view Kirk Cousins behind closed doors. From Patrick’s Monday broadcast:

“I did a little research about the whole Kirk Cousins situation and what Marshall Faulk and Steve Smith, Sr. were saying about Kirk Cousins. Kirk Cousins is not well liked by his wide receivers. Not at all. So the behind the scenes intel is they’re not big Kirk Cousins fans. I don’t know what that means for Kirk Cousins staying in Washington, but I get the feeling now with the season over that Kirk Cousins is probably surveying the landscape, saying, ‘You know, Jacksonville might be a good place for me to go.'”

On Wednesday, Paulsen — alongside his ‘Grant & Danny Show’ co-host Danny Rouhier — vehemently disagreed with Patrick’s characterization of the Redskins locker room.

“Apparently Dan Patrick floated a rumor on his show about Kirk Cousins and the Redskins, and the relationship, or the opinion that Redskins players have on Kirk Cousins,” Paulsen said Wednesday, before informing his listeners he had not yet heard Patrick’s segment, but would play the audio on their show and react accordingly in real time.

Six seconds into the audio of Patrick’s Monday broadcast, Paulsen paused to comment, “He said ‘Kurt.’ Should I get mad about that yet, or not?”

“No, I think we’re okay so far,” Rouhier replied. “It’s a slip. When people aren’t focused on over-pronouncing the ‘K,’ sometimes they’ll do that.”

“I already know what this is now, by the way,” said Paulsen. “Because he’s got a relationship with Marshall Faulk, so I already can tell what this is. This is a Marshall Faulk said something stupid. Kirk Cousins came back and said that they were looking for ratings, or whatever he said on our show. Now he did some research, I guess. Entrusted beat reporter Dan Patrick.”

Below is what Paulsen said Wednesday. That conversation picks up at the 9:50 mark.

Come Friday, Patrick is on the air reading a summary of Paulsen’s reaction, published on the website The headline to that story, originally titled “Dan Patrick hammers ‘Kurt’ Cousins on radio show,” has since been edited to read “Dan Patrick calls ‘Kurt’ Cousins on radio show.” It also mischaracterizes Paulsen’s opinion from his Wednesday radio broadcast, paraphrasing words Paulsen never said.

Patrick took issue with both the headline of the article and the opinion misattributed to Paulsen. Ironically, Patrick, too, was worried about being mischaracterized.

“The only reason why I bring this up is because I would hate for Kirk Cousins to think that I’m ‘hammering’ him, that I, second-hand or third-hand, because somebody doesn’t know how to report a story,” Patrick said Friday. “If you read these things, that’s where you have to ask as a listener or a viewer and say, ‘Did you really do your job there?’ I mean, it’s a cheap shot, and I’m sensitive to that because of Kirk Cousins, because that’s not true.”

In an even more ironic twist, Patrick at one point referred to Grant Paulsen as ‘Greg’ several times.

“You want to rip me because I say ‘Kurt’ Cousins? Go ahead,” said Patrick. “And I should be better about that. But for Greg Paulsen — I don’t know who you are, Greg. I don’t know what your resume’s like. But if you’re gonna chase down a story, chase down the story. And I’m not vindictive at all with any of this, with Kirk Cousins or the Redskins. You can email the show.”

“You want to talk to me? I’ll be more than happy to talk to you about this, on or off the record. But this should not be a hatchet job with me going after Kirk Cousins at all. Tell the whole story, because when you tell the whole story, it certainly doesn’t sound like I’m ‘hammering’ Kirk Cousins.”

All caught up? Good.

Thankfully the ‘Grant & Danny Show’ airs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., because right as Patrick was signing off on Friday, Paulsen was signing on. Paulsen gave his reaction to Patrick, again listening to the audio and commenting on it in real time.

Grant: If you’re just getting in your car this morning, Dan Patrick spent several minutes apparently roasting, and eviscerating, and making us relevant.

Danny: RIP, GP!

Grant: Again, I like Dan Patrick. I don’t dislike Dan Patrick. Looked up to him for a long time.

Danny: Big Dan Patrick fan. I think he’s really good.

The playback session begins with a pedantic back and forth about why Patrick doesn’t, but should, properly pronounce Cousins’ name.

“It doesn’t flow, so I get lazy sometimes,” Patrick said. “I’ll just say, ‘Hey. Kurt Cousins.’ Even during the highlights. Kurt Cousins.” Patrick’s producer offered the idea of overly pronouncing Cousins’ name, with special deference to the ‘kuh’ sound on the final consonant of Kirk.

Grant: No, you should just say his name correctly, which is ‘Kirk’ Cousins. I guess we should just not say people’s names correctly if it’s a little bit harder to do so. So, in general, we should just have that stance moving forward, I guess.

“I don’t know Grant Paulsen,” Patrick said. “He works in the Washington, D.C. media. But I don’t know who he is.”

Grant: Longtime listener of yours, Dan. Firs time feuder. Big fan of yours. I’ve been a fan of yours since your were on SportsCenter.

“Then he points out that, No. 1, I should learn his name; No. 2, I don’t believe that; No. 3,” said Patrick. “Wait. Does he not believe that I should learn his name, or he doesn’t believe the story that I told about ‘Kirk’ Cousins?”

Grant: It was very clear in the tweet. No. 1 was his name’s not ‘Kurt.’ And, when you’re reporting something, if that’s what he’s calling it. I think it was just kind of floating something that he had heard, which I think’s different than a report. Ian Rapoport reports with a source and Albert Breer reports with a source. I think he just kind of said what we do on the show occasionally. I used to be a beat reporter. I’m not any more. A lot of times now, I kind of float things that I’ve heard. You’re allowed to do that on the radio. That’s part of it.

Danny: Sure.

Grant: The credibility of the story when you say someone’s name wrong, I think becomes a little bit harder to fathom that it is correct. So I pointed out that he said his name incorrectly, and then I said I don’t believe that the receivers don’t like him. I also pointed out I don’t believe Dan Patrick’s making this up. Just like when Rap Sheet or Schefter gets a story wrong. They didn’t lie, they just heard from someone that may not have had the entire story.

Danny: Yeah, there’s a difference between, hey, a story is ‘wrong,’ versus this guy has no integrity and he made something up.

Grant: Absolutely. So we’ll continue.

“So Grant Paulsen, who works for a radio station — 106.7 The Fan — says it’s unlikely any form of real controversy is brewing behind the scenes,” Patrick said. “Frustration after an injury ravaged season…”

Grant: Hang on one second. Stop. I didn’t say any of this. He’s now reading the story from 24/7, which I don’t even know what that is. But he just attributed all of what he’s now reading to me, which is not correct. So he may be taking issue with what they wrote, and I’m getting lambasting for it? Which is fine, but go back to the beginning. He says ‘Grant Paulsen says’ and now he starts reading from their story. I tweeted twice and I talked about it on the radio. At no point did I say whatever he’s about to say that I said.

“So Grant Paulsen, who works for a radio station — 106.7 The Fan — says it’s unlikely any form of real controversy is brewing behind the scenes,” Patrick continued. “Frustration after an injury ravaged season and a sub-.500 record? Sure. The team tuning out their quarterback and claiming they don’t like him? Not likely. After all, Cousins was invited to sit in on the NFL Players Association and owners meetings earlier this season in regards to social justice issues…”

Grant: Pause this real quick. So, I said on the show I do think it’s unlikely that they don’t like him. But this right here, what he’s talking about…

Danny: Where is this from?

Grant: This to me. I have not seen the 24/7 story. I’m guessing this is what they wroteSo in other words, he may think that I wrote the 24/7 story that he referenced. I really don’t know.

Danny: Or they’re reporting about what you said like it’s a transcript, like a Steinberg transcript of an interview. Where is this from?

Grant: Exactly. So never out of my mouth did this NFLPA thing happen. I’ve never even thought about that or known about that.

Danny: It’s the first time I’ve heard of that, by the way.

Grant: Apparently, he thinks this is my rebuttal to why Kirk Cousins is liked in the locker room.

“…proving how respected he is by his peers,'” Patrick continued reading, stopping to add, “Uh, that doesn’t necessarily mean his wide receivers. ‘Chalk this one up to make believe.’ But the headline was I ‘hammered Kurt Cousins.’ Now, it’s a disingenuous headline to begin with.”

Grant: Again, by the way, stop. Like I wrote the headline for this company I’ve never heard of, 24/7 Sports. Somehow he’s still upset at me about a headline, that I don’t work for that publication. They took my tweet. This is what I think happened. I don’t even think they acknowledged — can we find this story, please, the segment that I did on the radio? I don’t know that they quoted me at all. They took my tweet, which he didn’t like because I called out him not saying ‘Kirk’ correctly. He’s allowed to not like that. And they wrote something around it. In the same that if Blue Shorts took one of your tweets, Danny, and wrote a story. What Blue Shorts says in that story is not what you said on the air or what you tweeted. So he’s upset about the headline. What do you want me to do about that?! Call 24/7 Sports? We can both call ’em. We both probably don’t have their number.

The Redskins play a game on Sunday.

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