By Chris Lingebach

Dan Patrick clarified remarks Friday he made on his radio show earlier in the week, about Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins being disliked by his wide receivers. Patrick explained Friday Cousins is disliked by his receivers because he “throws them into situations where they can get hurt.”

In doing so, Patrick took aim at 106.7 The Fan host Grant Paulsen, who lambasted Patrick on the air and on Twitter for propagating a storyline so carelessly. Patrick paraphrased several of Paulsen’s tweets on the nationally syndicated “The Dan Patrick Show,” which is also televised.

UPDATE: Paulsen Fires Back at Dan Patrick

“I don’t know Grant Paulsen,” Patrick said on the air Friday. “He works in the Washington, D.C. media, but I don’t know who he is. He said that I called Kirk Cousins ‘Kurt’ six times while speculating that he’s heard behind the scenes that receivers don’t like him. Then he points out that, No. 1, I should learn his name; No. 2, I don’t believe that; No. 3, does he not believe that I should learn his name, or he doesn’t believe the story that I told about ‘Kirk’ Cousins? Then he goes on to say that he doesn’t buy that these receivers don’t like him.”

Patrick, on his eponymous radio show on Monday:

“I did a little research about the whole Kirk Cousins situation and what Marshall Faulk and Steve Smith, Sr. were saying about Kirk Cousins. Kirk Cousins is not well liked by his wide receivers. Not at all. So the behind the scenes intel is they’re not big Kirk Cousins fans. I don’t know what that means for Kirk Cousins staying in Washington, but I get the feeling now with the season over that Kirk Cousins is probably surveying the landscape, saying, ‘You know, Jacksonville might be a good place for me to go.'”

“I was told this, that the receivers don’t respect Kirk Cousins,” Patrick said Friday, “because they think that he throws them into situations where they can get hurt.”

Patrick seemed to take more issue with a headline mischaracterizing his words than Paulsen himself, though he did hit Paulsen with a few barbs. The story Patrick read from on the air Friday, from, was titled, “Dan Patrick hammers ‘Kurt’ Cousins on radio show.” That headline has since been revised to say “Dan Patrick calls ‘Kurt’ Cousins on radio show.”

Patrick hinted at his source, saying it was not someone affiliated with the Redskins organization, but rather “somebody at the game,” which does not rule out Marshall Faulk or Steve Smith, Sr., or any of the 91,712 fans in attendance at AT&T Stadium last Thursday.

“During that broadcast, this is what I had to say about Kirk Cousins,” Patrick said Friday. “I said somebody at the game said to me, who’s not affiliated with the Redskins. I actually had somebody from the media in Washington, D.C. ask me last night, ‘Are the Redskins the source?’

“And I went, ‘The source of what?’ Did the Redskins reach out to you because they want to discredit Kirk Cousins? And I went, ‘No. No.’ And if somebody from the Redskins did, I’d say, ‘What’s your motive here?’ But Kirk Cousins, from what I was told, some of the receivers have a problem with him because he throws them into positions where they can get hurt.”

“The only reason why I bring this up is because I would hate for Kirk Cousins to think that I’m ‘hammering’ him, that I, second-hand or third-hand, because somebody doesn’t know how to report a story,” Patrick went on to say. “If you read these things, that’s where you have to ask as a listener or a viewer and say, ‘Did you really do your job there?’ I mean, it’s a cheap shot, and I’m sensitive to that because of Kirk Cousins, because that’s not true.”

“You want to rip me because I say ‘Kurt’ Cousins? Go ahead,” he said. “And I should be better about that. But for Greg Paulsen — I don’t know who you are, Greg. I don’t know what your resume’s like. But if you’re gonna chase down a story, chase down the story. And I’m not vindictive at all with any of this, with Kirk Cousins or the Redskins. You can email the show.

“You want to talk to me? I’ll be more than happy to talk to you about this, on or off the record. But this should not be a hatchet job with me going after Kirk Cousins at all. Tell the whole story, because when you tell the whole story, it certainly doesn’t sound like I’m ‘hammering’ Kirk Cousins.”

Paulsen returned fire alongside his co-host, Danny Rouhier, at the top of the ‘Grant & Danny Show’ Friday afternoon.

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  1. Mike Moon says:

    Wow talk about backpeddling 200 steps back. Why would you post what ANYONE who’s not affiliated with the Redskins as truth? Why would some random person’s opinion be valid to a sportscaster? Are you someone off the street or do you consider yourself a professional?

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