By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Jayson Werth the baseball player might be entering hot stove season, but that doesn’t detract from the responsibilities for Jayson Werth the organic farmer.

News to most fans of the Washington Nationals, Werth owns a 500-acre certified organic corn, soybean, and wheat farm in central Illinois, and is thinking of adding to his portfolio.

Last week, Werth joined 20 other farmers from the Organic Trade Association’s first Farmers Advisory Council fly-in to meet with lawmakers concerning the 2018 Farm Bill.

No one said every minute of Werth’s life was riveting, but it is interesting to hear his passions extend well beyond the field to…well, another field.

“As we look toward the future, we know how important it is for this industry to maintain and grow, and that we attack the challenges that currently face us,” Werth said, via press release. “I’m excited to be part of the growth in solutions that deliver to the organic community and ultimately to the organic consumer.”

Good stuff.

From a baseball perspective, Werth will almost certainly not be returning to Washington professionally this offseason, as the Nats find themselves with an embarrassment of riches in the outfield heading into Spring Training.

Werth, who also celebrated the seven-year anniversary of his signing date in D.C. on Tuesday, will likely look for the right situation elsewhere. If he chooses to, or if options force him to hang up his cleats for good, it’s likely that he can soften his sorrows with a little manual labor on the farm.


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  1. Sharon Pro says:

    Weird headline. Jayson lives in McLean. Even if he signs with another team, he still lives in the DC area and plans to stay at least until his kids graduate.

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