Breer: Goodell Extension Proves NFL Business is Still Good

WASHINGTON — When all was said and for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones vs. the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, a lot more was said than done.

On Wednesday, news broke that Goodell and the NFL came to terms on a contract extension that will keep him in place for five seasons at a rate of $200 million if all incentives are met. Media sources are widely reporting that a vast majority of the pay–upwards of 85 percent–are based on performance instead of guarantees.

It’s ironic that the owners, who have long subjected players to non-guaranteed contracts, have now turned around and done that to the figurehead of the NFL.

Perhaps that’s the Jones influence, who railed against Goodell’s contract in a public display of non-confidence. Maybe that’s a sign of the times, as the NFL faces uneven viewership and a litany of bad press. The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle.

But the most important takeaway is that for this deal to come together, then NFL owners must believe that any dips in viewers and revenue is a temporary aberration. At least that’s what NFL insider Albert Breer told CDVTW on 106.7 The Fan.

“As long as the business of the league is healthy, and I think in large part they believe that, they weren’t going to take this guy out of office,” Breer told Chad Dukes. “I always laugh when I see people say, ‘Well, Jerry [Jones] is pissed that Ezekiel Elliott and Robert Kraft is pissed about Tom Brady.

“You think those guys really care about six and four-game suspension to individual players more than they do the business of football? I mean, you’d be crazy to think that.”

Even as the league deals with the inescapable issues like head trauma, domestic violence, drug testing and player discipline, these issues pale in comparison to what the NFL owners really prioritize. In a word: money.

“There’s going to be challenges on a lot of fronts, but you’ve got to prioritize what the most important challenges are to the owners,” Breer explained. “The most important challenges to the owners are to continue to grow from a revenue standpoint, and to continue to create new ways to generate revenue.

“That’s Roger Goodell’s strength and that’s why Roger Goodell was put in place by these owners.”


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