WASHINGTON — D.C. sports radio personality Chris Russell, more popularly known as Joe “The Rooster” Russo, is done making bets. Why? Because they always come back to bite him in the you-know-where.

Since July, Russell has been living with the anxiety that if the Washington Redskins fail to make it to six wins, he has to walk from Washington, D.C. to the team’s headquarters in Ashburn, Va.

This is no short walk–more than 33 miles–from the 106.7 The Fan studios to the heart of Loudoun County. There is no easy way to do. There is no safe way to do it, and there may not even be a totally legal way to do it. But Russell is committed if the Redskins fail to top 5-11, the USA Today’s preseason prediction for the team.

At this point, the team is 5-7 and mathematically likely to find a win somewhere. But if they don’t…

“Are you actually going to do that?” asked 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen on-air Tuesday. “I’d like to advocate that you don’t walk, [Russell]. There’s a chance that you might die.”

“…Thanks, GP,” Russell said, sheepishly.

“That took a really serious turn,” co-host Danny Rouhier broke in.

“No, I’m serious. I’m a friend of Chris Russell’s and I’m not making fun of him,” Paulsen pressed. “I’m just saying, that’s a long walk, there’s a lot happening there and you shouldn’t do it.”

Fair point.

Russell admitted that there was “no rhyme or reason” why this walk should happen, considering that the team has a weak schedule down the stretch. But if the team weathers any more injuries, it could get close.

The good news is that Rooster seems to have learned his lesson. At the 3:43 mark in the segment, he said, “It would be the last proclamation, of any sort, that I ever make, period, that has anything to do with this. Because these things have kind of come back to haunt me.

“I’m done making bets.”

This isn’t the first time that Russell has lost a bet that only he put himself up to.

In 2014, he said he would resign from another radio job if the Redskins signed DeSean Jackson. If not for a benevolent station manager who declined his letter of resignation, Russell would have been unemployed.

Now, staring down a 33-mile walk in January, Russell seems to be quite sober.

Until the very next opportunity to make a bet comes along. From the 5:20 mark in the segment.

Paulsen: “How about you lead a parade down Half Street, from Bonchon to the centerfield gates of Nationals Park, waving a Redskins flag, and we all stand on the side of the street clapping as you throw candy at us, if [Redskins general manager] Bruce [Allen] is removed from his job?”

Rouhier: “While a marching band is playing the Pretenders’ ‘I Will Walk 500 Miles.'”

Paulsen: “We will get a marching band to walk behind you while you wave a Redskins flag over your head if Bruce is gone…do we have a deal?”

This is the part where Russell should have reiterated “I’m done making bets.”

He did not.

“From the Bonchon to the centerfield gates? That’s like two blocks,” Russell said. “Oh, absolutely. I’ll do whatever you want in that regard.”


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