By Chris Lingebach

Awadd got caught fake-listening to the show during the The Sports Junkies’ Tuesday morning broadcast.

The Junks were in the process of going through Redskins free agents for 2018, and called upon their video producer to assist in writing down the names of players they think should be kept and let go. But Awadd was inattentive.

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EB: Awadd, write this down, stupid. Get off your soccer feed or whatever. Is he even listening? Adam!

Cakes: I’m not sure what he’s listening to.

EB: What are you doing?

Drab: He’s watching soccer highlights.

EB: Alright. Stop watching soccer highlights.

Lurch: That’s what he does for his job.

Note: That’s not what he does for his job.

EB: Stop watching soccer highlights. We’re writing down… Listen, stupid! Look. He’s not even plugged in.

Drab: Now he’s making excuses.

EB: Your headphones aren’t even plugged in! Does he fake-listen to the show? You know what? He’s fired.

Lurch: He doesn’t like you.

Cakes: Rising Entercom star!

EB: Are you fake-listening to the show?

Awadd: I’m actually doing research for the show.

I’d bet $1,000 he wasn’t.

EB: Why don’t you have your headphones plugged in?

JP: What soccer highlights are relevant to the show today?

EB: When would we ever need a soccer highlight?

Awadd: It’s not a soccer highlight.

EB: What was it?

Awadd: It was a Bryce Harper highlight. I was on 106.7 The Fan.

That’s not the website. He supposedly works for the website and doesn’t know the name of the website,

Drab: That’s a lie. He’s got hockey highlights up. I don’t know what he’s doing.

EB: Alright. You’re this close to being fired. Because you’re fake-listening to the show and you’re watching soccer highlights. This close.

Awadd conveniently cut this portion of the segment out of the above video clip. I’m sure it was accidental.

Quick Poll: Which would you rather watch: The Junkies going through the Redskins roster, or Awadd getting screamed at?

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  1. Why is video unrelated to the article?? This happens all the time. I see the headline, click through for the video and the video is about something else.

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