By Chris Lingebach

EB of The Sports Junkies calls Virginia’s new rush hour toll on I-66 “communist,” a way of extorting money out of people just trying to get to work.

The new Express Lanes charge commuters on I-66 inside the Capital Beltway, heading into the city during morning rush hour, and out of the city during P.M. rush. Carpoolers can continue to use the road free of charge.

The new toll officially went into effect Monday morning.

Lurch: So Pete just came in during the break and said that these new toll road pay rates inside the beltway on I-66, that it’s $26 once you hit that first toll inside the beltway to get to D.C. Twenty-six. That’s one way.

JP: That’ll incentivize  carpooling.

Cakes: I guess. I don’t know what you do at that point.

Lurch: Carpooling is so hard. They tried to do that in the HOV lanes and the toll road, and it just made traffic worse. It was the worst decision ever.

EB: Who wants to carpool? It’s like communist.

Lurch: I mean, who carpools in 2017?

EB: Who wants to carpool? I want to carpool with nobody.

JP: I get that you don’t want to. My father carpooled his whole life.

EB: Okay. That’s different. Different era. It’s different.

JP: Okay. But the problem is there’s so much traffic now. And I think I heard the governor of Virginia talk about this. They’ve added all these lanes. They’re doing all this stuff. And he said there’s nothing else they can do. They’re out of space.

EB: Well, I think traffic just has to be what it is, but to charge someone 26 bucks…

Lurch: It might jam up traffic on other routes, though, on other avenues into the city. If people say, ‘F that, I’m not paying 50 bucks round trip to go to work,’ they’ll just take another route, they’ll just take another road and they’ll go in on Route-50 or something.

EB: I’m not gonna carpool with a bunch of strangers.

It’s worth noting Lurch is the only Virginia resident of the four hosts.

EB: Can somebody explain to me how they… to me, I feel like it’s an okie-doke. Thank God I don’t live in Virginia, but I feel like it’s an okie-doke. How did all of that come about? Like did somebody pass a bill? How does that work? Did the governor just mandate it?

JP: It’s been in the works for months.

EB: I know, but how does it work?

JP: Yeah. You have to pass legislation.

EB: Then I would just try to vote out all those people. I mean, that’s crazy.

JP: The government said, ‘What are we gonna do with all this traffic? We can’t add more roads into D.C.’

EB: Well, I think traffic is what it is, but to extort people and make ’em pay 50 bucks is crazy.

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