By Deron Snyder

NBC Washington analyst Brian Mitchell went on a classic rant Thursday after his former team suffered a blowout loss against Dallas. But one thing he said on the postgame show struck me as odd and somewhat funny.

“I’m embarrassed to say I’m a Redskins fan,” he fumed.


What took so long?

The franchise has been mostly a disgrace for quite some time, way before a 38-14 loss with nine starters on injured reserve and guys off the street playing key positions. Fans have had abundant opportunities to feel shame and humiliation about their team since Dan Snyder purchased it in 1999.

On the field. Off the field. The field. The nickname. The logo. If you’ve wanted something to take pride in, you’ve had to look elsewhere.

This franchise has been no better than long-time punchlines such as the Browns, Lions, Raiders and Rams – which Tom Boswell points out are the only teams with fewer wins in the past 16 seasons. Maybe paper bags haven’t been in order, but fans often have felt like covering their eyes.

Washington has taken embarrassment to new heights of late, showing unusual creativity in its ability to be a joke.

A solid general manager was hired to clean up the mess that Snyder and team president Bruce Allen created. Great, a move in the right direction.

Not! Scot McCloughan had just begun before he was run out of town, barely two years into a four-year deal.

A solid quarterback was found in the fourth round of the 2012 draft, emerged from Robert Griffin’s shadow and established himself as an upper-tier passer. Wonderful, an answer at the game’s most important position.

Sike! Kirk Cousins has been disrespected repeatedly and likely is a goner after this season.

This is the franchise that named Jim Zorn head coach. Signed Albert Haynesworth to a $100,000 contract. Gave Vinny Cerrato the keys to the kingdom. Made Adam Archuleta the NFL’s highest-paid safety. Let Sherman Lewis go from calling bingo to calling plays.

Surely one loss at Dallas, no matter how ugly, can’t be the tipping point.

“I’m embarrassed to be a former player watching that crap tonight,” Mitchell said. “Nobody can sit up here and talk about what they did good.”

It’s fine if anyone feels that way. I just have a question:

Why limit your disgust to Thursday night?


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