by Rick Snider

Forget the fuzzy math – the Washington Redskins’ playoff chances are a negative number after being run over by an awful Dallas offense.

Washington is 5-7 and probably staring at a loss next at the Los Angeles Chargers. Talk about winning five straight at the end was nonsense because this team rarely beats bad teams. Think the New York Giants won’t have Eli Manning starting the last game? The Redskins will be lucky to finish 7-9.

It’s time for a few harsh realities. First, anybody playing on one leg goes on injured reserve even if they don’t want to do it. That means you, Trent Williams, who needs a lengthy rehab for knee surgery. Better to have him ready for the 2018 opener than playing another meaningless month. It might be time for offensive tackle Morgan Moses to also rest his two bad ankles. And for defensive end Matt Ioannidis to go on IR, because that club for a hand isn’t tackling anyone.

Second, time to play more reserves to see what they have. Linebacker Preston Smith hasn’t done anything lately. Promote second-rounder Ryan Anderson. Linebacker Zach Brown is hobbling, so let Zach Vigil play more. He looked good against Dallas. Get linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons in the lineup after some nice plays versus the Cowboys.

Third, bench Jamison Crowder as a punt returner. The fumbles alone warrant a change, while his 5.1-yard return average also isn’t half of last year. Coach Jay Gruden said the team doesn’t have a backup with Maurice Harris hurt. Not true. DeAngelo Hall can do it. And if not, find someone this week.

Fourth, try running back Byron Marshall over Perine, who, despite two 100-yard games, is just a guy. Aside from his 15-yard run at Dallas, Perine was 11 for 23 yards. Too often Perine averages three yards or less. Might as well see if Marshall is a surprise before totally starting over with the unit next year.

Finally, the Redskins should have $1 tickets for the final two games. They’re down to $6 on StubHub anyway. Let those still willing to support this team have a chance to attend a game without paying inflated prices for a crummy product. Throw in $1 hot dogs and $2 sodas, too. Otherwise, attendance at both games will be 30,000 or so.

It’s time to survive and advance to the next season once more for the Redskins.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter @Snide_Remarks.


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