By Chris Lingebach

Lurch returned serve on Chad Dukes in their ongoing exchange of verbal jabs.

Their dispute goes back years, dating back to the early days of 106.7 The Fan when Lurch, possibly drunk, called into Dukes’ show to share a piece of his mind, informing Dukes he didn’t think he was good on the radio.

In the years since, their rivalry comes and goes, with stretches of peace speckled between blowups. At times, conciliatory gestures are made to effort toward a new detente, like this one, before one of them inevitably takes a swipe and it all goes to hell again.

The audio above — from June 2017 — served as the most recent reset in their feud, triggered by Lurch telling Dukes he couldn’t use The Ball Cannon in their studio.

“I’ll punch him in his face,” Lurch said at one point. “What is he saying?”

Weeks ago, Dukes took an ever so subtle swipe on Twitter when Lurch was on vacation.

Here were are. It’s December. Tiger Woods is back and merriment abounds.

Actually, Dukes spent an entire segment Thursday naming things that are more interesting than Tiger Woods’ return to golf, a clear, sustained shot.

“I’ll start with I find Chris Russell talking about seeing his kids and working too much more interesting than Tiger Woods’ return to golf,” Dukes said.

“Look. I’m happy for Matt Valdez, and I’m happy for Eric Bickel, who somehow have turned this whole thing into, I don’t know, a biography about the two of them,” Dukes said. “But who gives a rat’s ass? You know what I find more interesting? That knot on the top of Blue Shorts’ head. Oh my God. That is so much more interesting.”

On the surface, this appears to be more of a shot at EB and Valdez, and looks to have nothing to do with Lurch whatsoever. On the contrary. Mocking their love of golf and Tiger Woods is the same topic which launched that last salvo in June. Something’s brewing.

Let’s check in with The Junkies the next morning.

EB: We should touch on Tiger a little bit. Tiger was really impressive yesterday in a lot of ways.

Lurch: Of course. We have to. Why are we not talking about Tiger?

EB: Well, because the Redskins are a bigger story. But, what Tiger did nationally is big.

JP: You would have been infuriated. We should actually… can you try and contact Chad Dukes? He did a whole bit of, he asked everybody on their show…

Lurch: If they cared about Tiger?

JP: What they cared about more than Tiger Woods.

Lurch: Well, I mean, Dukes isn’t a golf fan. I don’t care about guns, either.

And there it is.

Get your popcorn. Maybe you should tune into Dukes today (2-6:30 p.m.).

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