By Chris Lingebach

Just how deflating was the Redskins’ 38-14 loss to Dallas?

“It was a long shot, but I thought they could have put a run together,” Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies said Friday morning. “But now that they’ve lost, and now that they’re officially out of it — and I don’t care what they say mathematically, they’re officially out of it — this could be just a cataclysmic drop-off. Because they’re gonna start putting everybody on the IR, and they’re gonna start trotting out guys that are delivering FedEx packages today. It’s gonna look the the third and fourth preseason game.”

“I’ll tell you what. I don’t know how you feel,” Jason Bishop returned. “I wouldn’t play Kirk.”

At 5-7, the air is officially out of the balloon.

In just one segment, The Junkies discussed whether the Redskins have improved under Jay Gruden, sitting Kirk Cousins in the interest of self-preservation, punting the rest of the season for better draft position, axing Greg Manubbsky and what’s wrong with Jamison Crowder.

Jay Gruden was asked if he’d considered having someone besides Crowder returning punts.

“We don’t have anybody to put back there right now,” Gruden said. “We just don’t. Mo Harris is in the concussion protocol. We don’t have anybody else to return a punt.”

“He is right,” Bishop said. “They’ve nobody they could really rely on returning punts all year long.”

Crowder had about as bad a game as one can on national television. First, he tipped a first-quarter pass intended for him at the Dallas five-yard line directly into Cowboys defender Jeff Heath’s hands, for Cousins’ seventh interception of the year.

On the ensuing drive, Crowder fumbled a punt return, coughing the ball up right into a sea of Cowboys. That’s how the first quarter went.

“Listen. I just think he can catch it,” Bickel said. “Was DHall inactive? Because can’t DHall catch a ball? I think DHall could catch it.”

“He just can’t run with it once he’s got it,” Auville said.

“Well, he’s 100 [as in, years old],” Bickel joked.

“The Skins would be better if you just fair-caught the ball every time and don’t fumble it!” Auville zinged.

“You know what? They absolutely have to find someone,” Bishop said. “That would be his specialty. Find someone who can return punts for next year.”

“That was Crowder’s specialty at Duke!” Auville noted.

“Crowder was amazing in college,” Bickel said.

“I know,” Bishop said. “He’s not amazing now.”

“Apparently, that skill set hasn’t transferred over to the pros for whatever reason,” Auville said.

“That’s gonna go down as one of the worst Redskin games by an individual player in my lifetime,” Bickel said. “That was one of the worst games.”

“That’s three fumbles on punts this year?” John-Paul Flaim asked.

“At least,” Bickel said. “Three official. Three official. I felt like he had 67 fumbles last night in one game.”

Sitting Cousins

“He took a shot in that game yesterday where I thought about sitting him,” Bickel said.

“Yea. I wouldn’t play him,” Bishop said.

“Just trot out Colt [McCoy] for the rest of the season?” John Auville asked.

“Well, I mean, what’s the point of winning games?” Bishop said. “It’s the same thing the Giants are doing, essentially. Especially if you’re gonna start putting all these guys on IR on the line — you want backups protecting him for the last four weeks? If you think you’re gonna re-sign him, or if he’s gonna be your franchise guy, I wouldn’t do it.”

“We’ll be lucky to win more than one game down the stretch,” said Bickel. “This is gonna be really ugly.”

“Because he will get hurt if you play those backup linemen for the last four weeks,” Bishop added.

“You’re not even gonna recognize a third of the guys that are out there,” Bickel said. “It’ll be a bunch of Byron Marshalls running around. And Tyler Catalinas.”

Maurice Harris

“Was Mo Harris concussed when he caught the ball on the sideline,” Bickel said, “when it was gonna start at the 35 or the 40, whatever it is?

“It seemed like he was concussed,” Auville said.

“What is he doing?” Bickel asked. “What is he doing?”

“When I saw the ball veer toward the sideline,” Auville said, “I’m like, well, the ball’s going out like at the three. What are you doing!”

“So he decides to return it about 12 yards,” Bickel said. “What a dummy.”

“Well, concussion protocol,” Bishop said.

“Yeah, he might have been concussed,” Bickel said.

“Isn’t that something that’s drilled into your head from when you’re like playing high school football? Always let the ball go out of bounds if it’s close!”

The Silver Lining

“This is gonna be an epic collapse,” Bickel said. “It’s coming. Epic.”

“Well, you realize, if the Skins do finish 5-11,” Matt Valdez chimed in, “Chris Russell’s gonna have to walk.”

Ah, yes. Chris Russell’s milquetoast preseason take: If the Redskins finish 5-11 — and only 5-11 — he pledged to walk from D.C. to Ashburn.

“That is very much in play,” Bickel said.

“I don’t want that to happen, by the way,” Auville said.

“Why?” Bickel asked.

“Because I like Chris,” Auville said.

“So do I,” Bickel said. “But it’s very much in play. He better buy some Rockports. He better get some walking shoes.”

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