By Chris Lingebach

If there was a theme present throughout The Junkies’ Friday morning broadcast, it could best be described as ‘Rickness.’

EB, emotionally zapped from the Redskins’ puzzling 38-14 shellacking against the Cowboys, was extremely short-tempered with callers.

Around 7:15 a.m., his short fuse expired. An hour into a four-hour broadcast.

A caller by the name of Eric, who seemed to have all the time in the world, finally did EB in.

EB: Eric. Go. You’re on.

Eric: Hey, what’s up Junks.

JP: How do you feel, Eric? Before you get into your point. One word.

Eric: What’s that?

Lurch: How do you feel?

Eric: Okay. My word is under-medicated. There ain’t enough cannabis in the world to help [unintelligible]

Lurch: Do something about it.

Eric: Okay… Oh-k…  Ah… Yeah, well… [unintelligible]… too too early… Okay, I got a couple of comments. I got a question for you guys, okay?

EB: GOOOOOO!!!!!! HURRY!!!!!!!!!!

This was Eric’s last lifeline.

Eric: Right on. Right on.

EB: Alright.

Bickel hung up on Eric. Time’s up.

Cakes: EB’s had enough.

EB: Let’s go to Jason in King George.

Lurch: Why don’t you just take a couple segments off?

EB: Give me the rest of the show off.

Lurch: It’s fine. You’re just… You’re way too high up here in the emotional stratosphere.

Damn you, Redskins. You’ve got this man feeling unstable.

EB went on to explain how seriously he contemplated coming into work without wearing any pants.

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