By Bryan Frantz

Bradley Beal was frequently showered with the term “injury prone” in the first half-decade of his NBA career. Fairly or unfairly, it was what it was.

And some of it was fair — he suffered a stress injury to his right fibula in four consecutive seasons. But some of it was just plain bad luck, like when he took an elbow to the face from Marcus Smart nearly two years ago that led to a broken nose and concussion. He missed the rest of that game and the entirety of the subsequent contest, but he returned to play 25 minutes just three days later.

Fast forward 22 months or so, and here is Beal getting whacked in the face again.

Beal was hit with an elbow by Philadelphia 76ers guard Jerryd Bayless that caused his nose (?) to bleed profusely enough that he had to leave the game. At time of posting, he was questionable to return with a right facial contusion.

When he left the game, the Wizards were losing 20-11 near the end of the first quarter. At halftime, the Wizards, who are already without John Wall, were down 58-40.

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