By Chris Lingebach

Grant Paulsen and Junkies producer Matt Valdez spiraled into an on-air fight that began with an overnight Twitter exchange.

Valdez, a Ravens fan, outlet his frustration with Paulsen’s tweet in the early portion of The Junks’ Tuesday morning broadcast.

EB: Now, what is the bit that Grant’s doing on Twitter? Because I saw Valdez lashing out at Grant Paulsen on Twitter. Obviously, Valdez is a die-hard Ravens fan taking a little bit of offense. Grant must be taking shots at Flacco.

Valdez: He’s a troller and a flip-flopper. He crushes the Ravens, and even the Seahawks, for signing their quarterback to a long-term deal, and he’s said to me how a team can’t win when they commit that much money to a quarterback, and then he’s on the radio spewing about how much he loves Kirk Cousins and how they’ve got to spend the money for him!

EB: Now, is that documented? Has he gone on the air and crushed Flacco and the Seahawks?

Valdez: Oh, I’m sure he has, and as a master radio historian, I’m sure I can find it.

Valdez unloaded some more shots on Paulsen as the conversation continued.

Cakes: It’s tweet warfare!

Valdez: I’m sure he won’t let up, because Grant Paulsen’s never wrong about anything, because he’s right about every single thing he mentions.

EB: Valdez has a lot of hostility.

Valdez: Well, no, it’s just… it Ricks me a little bit.

Lurch: We can tell.

JP: I think Valdez has logic on his side. The problem is you don’t have the bully pulpit of a four-hour radio show.

When EB questioned the validity of Valdez’s claim — with Valdez suggesting that Paulsen has flip-flopped from his position, of never overpaying for quarterbacks, now that it’s Kirk Cousins’ turn to get paid — Matt Cahill (Drab) assured that Valdez’s assessment was spot-on.

EB: I’m not even sure if what Valdez is saying is true. This is Valdez’s side of the story.

Drab: Oh no, it’s definitely true. That whole thing when Flacco got his extension four or five years ago, he hammered the Ravens for giving him the extension. Called them idiots for giving him a $100-million contract. Said, unless it’s Brady or Rodgers, you don’t give a quarterback $100 million.

EB: Alright, so is a man not allowed to evolve in his opinions and beliefs?

Drab: Well, that’s fine, but now he’s just trolling Valdez and other Ravens fans on Twitter. I’m with Valdez on this one.

EB: I don’t follow the great Grant Paulsen as closely as you guys do, so I’m not quite aware. I do know that Grant is an Orioles fan, though, so it’s kind of interesting.

Valdez: Oh yeah. I’m sure he is, but he’ll never admit that on the radio in front of all his Nats fans.

EB: Oh. But it’s just interesting that he would troll Ravens fans when I know he’s an Orioles fan.

Valdez kept hammering away at his opponent.

Valdez: Grant and other fans are so obsessed with stats, that if you would tell Grant that the Redskins would win Thursday night 2-nothing, he wouldn’t take it, because he wants Kirk to do well.

Lurch: Why do people take shots at other people on Twitter?

Cakes: Because it’s easier. Because keyboard courage, that’s why! I mean, that’s clearly why.

EB: Well, that’s what kind of Valdez did.

Valdez: Actually, I’m calling him out right now. He’s a hypocrite!

Lurch: He’ll wait until he comes in. He’ll say something to his face.

Valdez: Yeah. I’ll say it to his face.

More on that in a moment.

EB: I just got a kick… I woke up this morning and got into work and I see Valdez is trolling our midday host.

Valdez: And, by the way, I’m not on the radio saying Joe Flacco is a god and he’s not stinky, because he’s stinky this year. That’s why I bet under nine wins. He’s stinky! I’m not defending his play. I’m defending his contract.

Lurch: Well, this is what we need, Matt. We need them to lose to the Lions, and we need them to lose at Pittsburgh, which they will.

Valdez: I’m lashing out at the hypocrisy of Grant Paulsen.

JP: We get it. You’re making a point that a franchise quarterback deserves a big contract. That’s the way it works. Joe Flacco won the Super Bowl, got a franchise contract, and that is the same thing which Grant is arguing now, which he used to argue against. I get it.

EB contends it’s perfectly fine for Paulsen to change his position: “That does happen! You can change your opinion. You’re allowed to in this country.”

Drab: If they come on your radio show.

EB: What?

Drab: Nothing.

“The only reason I stand up for Valdez is because he gave Valdez a really hard time four years ago,” Drab went on to say. “And called the Ravens idiots for supporting Flacco.”

Paulsen and Valdez did indeed exchange in-person barbs. In the interest of brevity, that audio is below. Here’s a quick snapshot:

Paulsen: The other thing that needs to be noted, I believe, is that I made a comment about Joe Flacco, and then Valdez took a bunch of personal shots.

EB: Well, that is true.

Paulsen: Because someone said Joe Flacco isn’t good.

Drab: Grant, you’re trolling.

Valdez: You’re trolling! You can’t take any criticism after trolling?

Paulsen: No, I’m gladly taking criticism. I’m just saying, it wasn’t like I said ‘Matt Valdez’ anything. I said Joe Flacco stinks. And he’s like, ‘Hey [Richard], you’re always right.’ Okay, I guess.

They closed out the segment with a pair of parting shots.

“So my brother called me,” Paulsen said. “And I’m like, is he a maniac? I ignored his call twice. Then he’s like ‘Valdez is killing you on The Junkies right now.’ And I said ‘hah’ and went back to bed. That was my response to that. Wasn’t the first time; won’t be the last.”

“Alright,” JP said. “Thank you, Grant.”

As Paulsen exited the studio, Valdez tacked on one final dig for good measure: “Don’t you have a quarterback to suck up to?”

“He didn’t hear that,” Lurch noted as the room erupted into awkward laughter.

Paulsen got his, listing — in the opening segment of the ‘Grant & Danny Show’ — all the reasons why Joe Flacco is “not good” and the Ravens are “the worst 6-5 team in the history of football.”

“I’m not trying to troll anyone,” he said a moment earlier.

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