By Chris Lingebach

When The Junkies hit the airwaves on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007, the news broke.

“Oh my God,” said Jason Bishop. “Sean Taylor apparently died.”

Taylor died early that morning of a gunshot wound after an attempted burglary. All five suspects have since been convicted and imprisoned, but Taylor, at 24, was gone forever.

“Read the report, Jason,” co-host Eric Bickel implored. “Just read specifically what it says.”

“It says Fox 5 News has confirmed that Sean Taylor has died from the injuries after being shot by the intruder in Florida.”

“Unbelievable,” Bickel said.

“And that was after we heard what I thought was encouraging news last night,” said John Auville, “when they said he was responsive, when doctors were prompting him to squeeze their hand.”

“This is awful, man,” Bishop said.

“Think how quickly this happened,” said John-Paul Flaim. “We heard this news right when we finished the show yesterday. And 24 hours later — less than 24 hours later — you’re hearing that Sean Taylor has passed. Wow.”

The Junkies did the only thing they could at the time: They pivoted, devoting their entire broadcast to Taylor’s memory, and provided an emotional outlet by taking calls from grieving Redskins fans.

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