WASHINGTON — Chrissy Teigen is an accomplished American model and wife of R&B singer John Legend. Apparently, she is also an undercover Redskins hot-take machine.

This is how she waded into sports on Thursday night, striking directly at a sore spot for Redskins fans at FedExField:

This take was both fair and true, as countless angles of the field revealed throughout the evening:

Screenshot via NBC Sports

Credit Barstool Nate for pressing the issue, pressing to see if there was anything else to draw from that well:


So where did that come from? This has nothing to do with sexism–she has no obvious ties to the Redskins or the area. She’s from Utah. She has worked in New York and lives in Beverly Hills. She’s watching the game because it’s a Thanksgiving tradition for most of America, but she clearly doesn’t have a horse in this race.

Apparently, she borrowed some knowledge from his husband, who has a pretty good understanding of the complex situation going on in Washington.

Maybe that’s true, maybe she really does harbor a deep knowledge of D.C. sports politics. Either way, she was able and ready to answer some detailed questions on different NFL teams and other things. Here’s what she predicted:

  1. How long will Tom Brady play? Answer: “I’d say 2 more years. He is in great shape and is playing at an unprecedented level for a 40-year-old. Hell, a 30-year-old!”
  2. Will Twitter user Kevin’s wife ever come back? “Yes but do you want her to, is the question?”
  3. Who wins a Super Bowl first: Redskins or Cowboys? “Cowboys. When they’re healthy (and not suspended), the nucleus of their team is better.”
  4. Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback? “Nahhhh b.”
  5. Could the Saints win it all this year? “Absolutely. Great, balanced offense. Excellent defense. Brees is a champ.”
  6. NFL MVP this season? “Right now it’s definitely looking like Carson Wentz!”

We really hope Kevin’s wife comes back, if that’s what’s best for Kevin. Also, let’s hope the Redskins win another Super Bowl before the Cowboys do.


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