By Chris Lingebach

Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies looks like a homeless person.

EB: NBC Sports Washington put out a video of us talking about their schedule and I can’t Retweet it because I look dead.

JP: Do you look different when you’re walking around St. Andrew’s? I can’t remember who it was, but about a year ago, somebody called in to joan on you saying that he saw you outside the weight room looking like a hobo.

EB: No. I look homeless. That’s my bit.

Drab: Were you offended by Blue Shorts’ tweet about you yesterday?

EB: No, that was Tom Daly’s tweet.

Here’s Tom Daly’s hilarious tweet from Fan Fest in May 2016.

(Disclosure: I am Blue Shorts, and I’ve really let myself go, but EB still looks homeless.)

Drab: No, that was an old one. Blue Shorts took a picture of you out on the sidewalk yesterday and said ‘homeless man needs help’ or something.

EB: Shorts did another one? I didn’t even see it.

Drab: Yeah. While you were walking to your car.

EB: Is Shorts trolling me again?

Valdez: Oh, he definitely was. It was funny. He said something like, ‘Since it’s the holidays, let’s not forget about our homeless.’

EB: Oh, is that why Daly put his picture out? Oh, it was in response to that? Did he tag me in it, or no?

Valdez: No.

EB: Well tell that coward to tag me in it next time!

“It takes a lot of balls when you look like Chris to start joaning,” EB goes on to add. “It takes a lot of balls. But I like him.”

JP: I saw a picture that Amy put of you. I guess it was something about Stranger Things. And you had a shiny dome, and I know what your head looks like, but it was a weird picture. It was probably just the lighting. It looked like there was a missing piece of his head!

Cakes: Maybe my brain. That might be the missing piece.

Good shtick.

Enjoy the holiday, but don’t forget about the less fortunate!

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