By Chris Lingebach

While previewing the Redskins’ upcoming game against the Saints, The Sports Junkies shared with Deuce McAllister their utter lack of hope of Washington coming away with a win, but were met with a surprising response.

The Junkies explained to McAllister — who now does color commentary for the Saints radio broadcast — how they’re so convinced the Redskins are going to lose, that between the four of them, they bet nearly $1,500 on the Saints.

“It’s probably the dumbest bet we’ve ever made, Deuce,” John Auville said.

“No, no. I think it’s safe money,” Eric Bickel replied.

“Well, just for the Saints to win. They don’t have to cover the spread,” Jason Bishop said. “They just have to win the game. What do you think about that?”

“Uh… I wouldn’t give that advice out. I wouldn’t give that advice out, particularly after looking at the last game that the Redskins played. I think that you’re gonna have a different team. It’s very rare that you can put up 30 points and lose a ball game. That normally doesn’t happen in the NFL, so I think the ball would just have to bounce the Saints’ way, if that’s the outcome again.”

Vegas figures the game to be somewhat close, with the Saints opening as 7.5-point favorites at home.

“So you actually think the Saints have their hands full this week,” Bickel replied. “Even though you guys are third in scoring, you’re fifth in defensive scoring-wise, you’re not led by Drew Brees any more. I mean, he’s still the leader, but it’s not like he has to throw for 5,000 yards. You guys are getting amazing contributions on the ground, the defense obviously contributing. From afar, it looks like a pretty damn complete football team.”

“Well, it’s a complete team, in a sense, but they’re a young team as well,” McAllister said. “And at some point, some of the mistakes that they’ve been making, they’re gonna come back to bite ’em. They’re gonna come back to haunt ’em.”

“This team has — the last three weeks, maybe even four weeks — this team has fumbled inside the red zone,” he said. “This team has had a turnover inside the red zone, either a fumble or an interception inside the red zone, and they’ve been able to overcome it the last four weeks. But as the competition stiffens up, you’re not gonna be able to have those luxuries.”

“I mean, last week we didn’t have a muffed punt,” he said. “The previous week, you had two muffed punts. You were fortunate enough to recover one of them, but you lost one. So, I mean, little things like that. That’s going to come back to bite you at some point.”

The Junkies were sold on the bet before the phone call. Afterwards, they took a different tone.

“He sounds like he wouldn’t be stunned at all if the Saints lose this game,” JP Flaim said.

“I know,” Bickel said. “I’m gonna be a little bit bitter if a lose four-hunge!”

“Because he is a former player,” Bishop said. “He knows how screwy the NFL is.”

“Well, we haven’t been paying attention,” Flaim said. “The Saints, apparently in the last four games, are turning the ball over all the time!”

The Junks bet $1,440 total — $360 each — on the Saints to win $400. Sounds like they’ve got a bit of a sweat going.

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