Jay Beagle rejoices John Carlson’s blown face-off, concluding a 4-year friendly joust

John Carlson has lost his flawless face-off record, and his Capitals teammate Jay Beagle couldn’t be happier.

An Associated Press story last week, chronicling an uptick in NHL defensemen taking face-offs this season, included a funny quip from Carlson.

Jake Gardiner and the other Toronto Maple Leafs defensemen like to think they can hold their own in the faceoff circle.

“Sometimes in practice we’ll just joke around and go against the centermen and tell them we can beat them,” Gardiner said.

Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson wishes he had that luxury. Angry after he lost a faceoff, he blamed teammate Jay Beagle.

“I used to practice all the time, but the centers don’t let me practice anymore,” Carlson said. “I was 1 for 1 in my career and now I ruined it.”

Beagle was asked about being thrown under the bus with that quote during his weekly appearance with The Sports Junkies — ‘The Morning Skate with Jay Beagle,’ sponsored by Sport Automotive — Tuesday morning.

“Oh man, this is awesome,” Beagle said. “I’m so glad you brought this up, because me and him obviously are tight. We played together in Hershey. We’re really good friends. So he was 1-for-1 obviously in his career. He’ll bring that to anyone. He’ll tell anyone that.”

“And he would be rubbing that in my face, that he’s 100 percent,” he said. “Like, his winning percentage is better than mine. And he would be rubbing that in my face. Honestly, for four years, he’s just rubbing that in my face.”

Beagle was asked why he doesn’t just throw it back in Carlson’s face by boasting that he’s taken thousands of face-offs in his career.

“Yeah. That’s doesn’t matter to him,” Beagle said through laughter. “For some reason, that doesn’t matter to him. And so, when he got this chance… I got kicked out of this draw, and it’s a big draw in overtime, but my first thing that I thought is, oh, here were go. This is what he’s been asking me for.”

The face-off of which Beagle speaks came in last Monday’s game against Arizona, a 3-2 Caps’ overtime win.

“He’s been asking me for draws for honestly four years,” Beagle said. “He’ll be like, ‘When are you gonna get kicked out of a draw so I can take it?’ So he gets put in there, and obviously he loses the draw, and the look on his face, he was devastated. He was so mad that he lost that draw.”

“So I gave it to him right away, and I knew he was gonna throw me under the bus somehow,” he said, alluding to the quote to the AP. “Because I was giving it to him pretty hard in the dressing room after the game.”

Here’s the kicker. Carlson’s perfect record was already gone.

He lost the first face-off of his career during the 2011-12 NHL season. He did win a face-off the next season, but lost his next the season after. So he has a 1-3 overall record (or 1-for-4) in his nine-year career.

Meaning for the last four years, at least, Carlson and Beagle have been razzing each other over a lie.

In short, nothing matters.

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