The Redskins are 4-5 and not in the most ideal position in the NFC East, trailing the Eagles by four games with six teams ahead of them in the Wild Card race. Should they miss the playoffs, it would be their third time doing so in four seasons under Jay Gruden.

In steps Howard Eskin, resident Philly sports-radio antagonist sitting in an impervious position to mock the Redskins. Asked, in an appearance with The Sports Junkies Tuesday, for his ‘take’ on Jay Gruden, Eskin did not hold back.

“Well, the Redskins have the wrong Gruden as the head coach,” said Eskin, who was wrong about the Redskins drafting Marcus Mariota, wrong about Robert Griffin III not being all-in for Week 1, and who was wrong about Peyton Manning wanting to sign with the Redskins.

“Clearly, they have the wrong Gruden,” he said. “I’m not a big fan of Jay Gruden. He might be a nice guy, and you guys cover him and I don’t. He probably is a nice guy. He’s not a coach that’s going to take you anywhere.”

“They won one division and everybody, I guess, in Washington, you guys got all excited,” he said. “But you really weren’t that kind of team, and I don’t think you’re ever gonna — with Jay Gruden — be that kind of team again.”

Understanding his feelings on Gruden, Eskin then did an about-face.

“But you can’t keep on changing coaches,” he said. “And the quarterback, all that nonsense with the quarterback, you gotta keep him because there’s nobody else. You’ve got to have a quarterback. And I don’t know that Kirk Cousins is a great quarterback, but he’s certainly a very good quarterback.”

“And when they won in Seattle, that was stone-cold luck,” he added. “I don’t think Seattle’s a very good team offensively, even though they scored all those points against Houston. You see how good Houston’s defense is — it’s brutal — so I don’t really give much credence to that win. Listen, a broken clock’s right twice a day, so the Redskins win a game in Seattle and you might think they’re kind of back. They’re done.”

“And you know they’re done, and I know they’re done, and they know they’re done,” he said. “They’ve got to come out and play, but they’re done, because the only way they’re gonna make the playoffs is they have to win the division. And that’s not happening, because they have to finish with a better record than the Eagles, because they lost twice.”

“I’m not a Jay Gruden — to answer that question, I’m just not a Jay Gruden fan,” he said. “Nice guy, I assume, but not a coach that’s gonna take you anywhere. Wrong Gruden. Got the wrong Gruden.”

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