WASHINGTON — The Redskins are only halfway through the season, and 106.7 The Fan’s Thom Loverro is convinced that fans are already burnt out on the season.

It’s one thing when the team tanks or the play is bad, but the Redskins have played well en route to a 4-4 record. Kirk Cousins is in a contract season. Zach Brown and D.J. Swearinger have given the defense a swagger again. Every week feels like must-see football, right?

Apparently, not all Redskins fans feel that way.

The conversation started after Twitter noticed that the bowl seats of FedExField were less than half full with 15 minutes remaining before kickoff.

Of the fans that were there, a significant number were wearing the purple jerseys of the visiting Vikings:

It got even worse after kickoff, when the Vikings took over the game:

Loverro chimed in, noting that this was a sign of Redskins Fatigue:

After the Redskins got off to a hot start in the game, going score for score with the Vikings, some Redskins fans criticized Loverro for being negative. After all, he has never shied away from criticizing local teams, and this seemed like more of the same to some of his followers.

But he offered some valid recent examples of how Redskins fans just aren’t that into it–win or lose:

If Redskins fans can’t get excited for Dallas Week, can’t get celebrate a huge, unexpected road win, and can’t even show up for the start of a huge home game, then maybe the fatigue is real.


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