Kirk Cousins has long been a believer in ‘the process,’ but offered the perfect example Wednesday of what that looks like from his perspective.

The Redskins were nine-point underdogs heading into Seattle, one of the toughest venues for road dogs to steal a win in the NFL. Cousins orchestrated a successful two-minute drive to win the game, using all of 35 seconds to do it.

A fan might say, ‘Cousins looked great. The Redskins beat a great team with an emotional finish. Awesome!’

Cousins to 4th-Quarter Critics: ‘People Who Know, Know’

That’s not how Cousins viewed the Redskins’ 17-14 victory over the Seahawks.

JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington delivered the question which yielded the money quote: ‘You’ve talked about [how] you’re not interested in signature wins, you want a signature season. But Jay Gruden kind of opened up about the difference that would have been between 3-5 and 4-4, and coming back in Seattle. Considering that, have you looked back at that two-minute drive, and what did it mean for you?”

“I think this is a great case study in the way that the outside thinks, versus the way that I think,” Cousins said. “And I totally understand from covering the team, fan base perspective, the emotional roller coaster, I understand that a two-minute drill on the road against a good football team, finding a way to win — it’s exciting, and it’s fun and it gets the juices going.”

“I’m a little bit more process oriented,” he said. “And there have been games where I’ve thrown for a lot of yards and felt like I played nearly flawlessly, but we lost. And I walk away saying, ‘I’m getting better. I’m doing really good things. I’m about the process, and my process was really good today. I can’t control the outcome, but the process was really good.’ But the noise on the outside is, ‘He’s got to get better. He’s not doing enough. We didn’t come away with the win.’

“And so I’ve learned to ignore outcomes at times, I’ve learned to ignore the noise on the outside and just focus on the process. And I’ll be the first one to say that the process against Seattle by no means was perfect. I mean, I feel like there were a lot of mistakes. Maybe it never had to come down to a two-minute drill if we had been better through the first three-and-a-half quarters.”

“Was it a great finish? Yes,” he said. “Did we show a lot of character? Yes. Did I love the resiliency? Is that a game I’ll remember? Yes. But I don’t like to get too outcome-focused, and I feel, on the outside, I feel that happening after this game. And that’s okay on the outside. My concern is in the locker room, in our organization, making sure that we don’t allow that to creep in.”

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