By Chris Lingebach

The Redskins dressed 46 players, and only played 43 in their stunning 17-14 road win over the Seahawks.

The Redskins were nine-point underdogs… basically, no one thought they were leaving Seattle with a victory.

JP: A team which had won four games in a row, and just as we predicted, the Redskins take care of business on the road.

Lurch: The NFL is screwy.

EB: Well, nobody would have predicted it, and I felted my Bovada account on it. Two big, emotional hedges this year — one on the Raiders, this one on the Seahawks — two games where I really thought the Redskins had like a less than 10-percent chance of winning, and they came through in both. It’s just unbelievable. I’ve never been more happy to lose 300 bucks than I was yesterday. Although, I did know that Cakes’ gift cards were coming to soften the blow.

Lurch: This is the Redskins fans’ day. Today is the day. I would expect a lot of calls. You got to be happy about what you saw.

Cakes: I gave them a 1- to 0-percent chance of winning. Like, I gave them literally no chance of going out west undermanned and pulling off the upset.

EB: I gave them a five-percent.

Lurch: I didn’t think they would win, but I gave them a 20-percent chance. The NFL’s just so unpredictable, you just never know. You just never know what’s gonna happen.

After losing a two-point lead late — on a Russell Wilson-to-Doug Baldwin connection, which put Seattle up 14-10 with 1:34 left in regulation — Washington needed a 70-yard touchdown drive to snatch the victory. And they got it.

Kirk Cousins completed two key passes — one to Brian Quick for 31 yards, to put the Redskins in Seattle territory, and another to Josh Doctson for 36 yards, to put them on the one-yard line — to nearly cement the comeback.

Rob Kelley finished the drive off, ramming the ball over the goal line, but even he knew Doctson was responsible for that game-winning drive with his remarkable catch. After the score, Kelley handed the ball to Doctson on the sideline.

Cousins, whom this week Jay Gruden publicly suggested needed to trust his receivers and go downfield more, finished the day having completed 21 of 31 passes (67%) for 247 yards, and no touchdowns or interceptions.

And he counted on Doctson to make a play for him when it mattered most.

EB: Where are the Never Kirkers? Where are those moles?

Lurch: Oh, they’re quiet today.

EB: Are they coming out of their holes today? I saw some early in the first quarter when Kirk missed some throws.

Cakes: Where’s RG3? He was doing a lot of chirping on Twitter last week! I haven’t seen him! I haven’t seen his name out there!

JP: Kirk deserves a ton of credit, but to me, this game was beyond the statistics, because statistically, it doesn’t look as impressive as what you actually saw on the field. The defense played their ass off. D.J. Swearinger played his ass off. Zach Brown’s been doing it all season. DeAngelo Hall at safety making big tackles, deflecting passes, stopping the Hail Mary. How about Josh Norman? You really didn’t see him involved very often because people don’t Josh Norman’s way, but how about that third-and-1 tackle?

“Just a great example of a team win,” EB went on to say. “It’s one of those things, it doesn’t happen that often, but when the world is against you. You’ve got guys active that you can’t even play. They had more injuries than they had spots for them on the inactive list. So they had guys like Brandon Scherff in there active, but he wasn’t gonna play. And they just — somehow — rallied together.”

“And I’m telling you, it was one of those 20-percenters or five-percenters, where everything went their way, but God bless ’em,” he said. “I think it’s the biggest win since the Colt win on Monday night. It might even be bigger. Just unbelievable. Just an unbelievable win.”

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