By Bryan Frantz

Kirk Cousins had a fairly nondescript game Sunday afternoon, but he checked the most important box: He won the game.

And while the defense kept the Redskins in the game, and Blair Walsh missing three field goals absolutely helped, it was up to Cousins to bring the offense down the field for a go-ahead drive — in the hardest stadium in the league to play in (apologies to Mile High). He did so in exceptionally efficient fashion, and it ultimately led to the Redskins pulling off an incredible upset.

Snider: The Kirk Debate is Over. He’s For Real

But ignoring context entirely, the most impressive thing Cousins did all day might have been this throw. Just take a look at this:

First off, how did he even see Ryan Grant? Jarran Reed is inside Cousins’ facemask. There’s no angle there.

Where Are The Never Kirkers Now?

Second, how gutsy is the throw to sit there and make that throw knowing you’re going to get absolutely enveloped by Reed, who checks in at a cool 6-foot-3 and 306 pounds?

Also, it was a fantastic catch by Ryan Grant. Give him lots of credit. But give Cousins a lot more credit. He deserves it.

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