By Chris Lingebach

Sunday wasn’t the first time Kirk Cousins has led the Redskins on a game-winning drive; it probably won’t be the last.

Fan reaction to Washington’s stunning 17-14 road victory over the Seahawks ranged across the board, but one caller, into 106.7 The Fan’s Grant & Danny Show, may have taken the cake for Overreaction Monday.

Amazingly, Allen in Centreville was able to slip this past the hosts’ defenses without a rebuttal, perhaps because he quickly moved on to discuss DeAngelo Hall, who was great in his long-awaited return.

“With a minute-thirty left,” said Allen in Centreville, “[Cousins] proved he is a Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers-type leader quarterback to be able to lead the team down the field. We need to invest money in him, sign him and keep him.”

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold the phone.

Sure, the Redskins continued to bizarrely buck the longstanding trend at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, which is odd and contributes to a strange tenor of their up-and-down season, and Cousins was obviously a huge contributor.

And yeah, Cousins is a student of the game, and especially of Brady’s, to the extent that Redskins coach Jay Gruden once compared their game tape side by side to motivate his passer out of a rut.

But that’s no reason to get crazy. I mean, Allen has got to be the only person on Planet Earth making this comparison.

Right? Right?

Like, this definitely cannot be a thing.

But these are just fans. Surely no one in media would draw such a ludicrous comparison.

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