By Bryan Frantz

The Redskins beat the Seahawks in Seattle.

Bet you didn’t see that sentence coming a few days ago.

Kirk Cousins found Josh Doctson for an absolute gem of a catch that gave the Redskins the ball on the Seattle 1-yard-line with barely more than a minute to go, though there were questions as to whether or not it was actually a catch, or if Doctson had gotten into the endzone untouched. Watch this grab, it’s one for the ages.

After the officials took another look at it, the play stood — it wasn’t confirmed, they just couldn’t overturn it — and Doctson was ruled down at the 1-yard-line.

SNIDER: Cousins Debate Now Over – Period

Nick Rose converted the extra point, but the Seahawks were still left with 59 seconds. You could practically hear the nails being furiously bitten around Washington.

The Seahawks moved the ball down the field quickly, picking up 37 yards in 44 seconds, but Terrell McClain got enough of Russell Wilson’s foot to force the sack. After several minutes of deliberation, it was confirmed that the Seahawks would have the ball with four seconds on the clock. Washington called a timeout, and then it all came down to a Hail Mary.

And who else but DeAngelo Hall, playing his first game since Sept. 25, 2016, should be there to break up the Hail Mary?

What a game.

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