By Chris Lingebach

Danny Rouhier takes pride in his ability to flawlessly execute the ‘Irish Goodbye.’

If you’re unfamiliar, the Irish Goodbye is when you’re hanging out with friends, and just decide to leave unannounced. In other words: You act like a terrible person and treat your friends like human garbage.

This seemingly isn’t something someone would make a habit of, much less take actual pride in the habit.

Unless your name is Danny Rouhier.

On Friday’s ‘Grant and Danny’ broadcast, Grant Paulsen chronicled his broadcast partner’s most recent shameful deed, when Rouhier abruptly left a show event without saying goodbye… The Irish Goodbye.

Grant: I had no idea where you guys were, by the way, because I was supposed to drive you back, I think, or something, and then I looked around and nobody was around. … Danny, you are quietly — I don’t know if you’ll admit to this — you’re the king of the Irish Goodbye. You do not say goodbye.

Danny: I hate waiting around.

Thom: It’s called every day at 2 o’clock.

This is a man who once denied his own boss a share of his fries, because he doesn’t believe in ‘sharing.’

A man who hightails it through airport terminals in the name of efficiency, whilst leaving his traveling mates in a cloud of dust.

The Grant and Danny Show recently celebrated a lifetime achievement, attending their producer’s wedding.

He wouldn’t. Not at his producer’s weddingwould he?

Grant: So Darr’s wedding. Danny and his wife are out on the dance floor next to me and my fiancee. We’re having a great time. And my fiancee’s like, ‘Hey, where’s Danny and his wife?’ And I’m like, ‘They’re around, I guess. I don’t know.’ He was just gone.

Danny: I hate long belated goodbyes. Alright, man. We’ll see you later. And no one leaves. Alright, man.

Grant: Or just, ‘Hey, we’re leaving.’ You hate doing that.

Danny: Yeah, cause then there’s an explanation and then we get caught.

Grant: Like half the time we do events together or something. Like, we’ll do a watch party. I’ll just turn around and, like, you’re just gone.

Danny: Yeah.

Grant: It’s like, we’ve been standing side by side for an hour and a half…

Danny: Pretty much.

Grant: And there’s no ‘bye.’ There’s no ‘I’m gone.’ I don’t know. Maybe he’s in the bathroom, maybe he’s not.

Danny: But the inverse is the inability to leave. It’s time to leave. Let’s all leave. And then… no one’s leaving, and we’re just sort of standing around in a circle, just kind of rehashing the same thing that we just rehashed seven seconds ago. No one’s really sure who’s going with who. It’s time to leave.

Let’s all acknowledge the cool guy, living by his own cool code. He lives by a different set of rules, man.

Classic narcissism.

Danny: I Irish Goodbye all the time. It’s the most efficient way to do it.

Grant: You know what? Your stance makes enough sense here. Is it a little different at Darr’s wedding, when we’re spending a great night of fellowship? Is that a little bit different, or no?

Danny: No. It’s precisely the same. It all feed out of the same trough. I don’t need to stop them from having their wonderful [evening] and be like, ‘Okay, guys! Big production! I’m leaving!’ It’s time to go.

Grant: Big production? The word ‘goodbye.’

There’s a word for a person like this. It rhymes with ‘Rick.’

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