By Chris Lingebach

After starting the season on the PUP list, DeAngelo Hall will finally suit up for the Redskins in Seattle on Sunday, he informed Chad Dukes and Santana Moss Thursday on 106.7 The Fan.

“I know for sure I’m playing,” he said. “I don’t know how much I’m playing.”

Not since Week 3 of the 2016 season has Hall suited up for the Redskins. That’s 20 games he’s missed, stemming from a torn ACL last September. He’s missed a total of 38 games dating back to the 2014 season, after a terribly unfortunate string of devastating injuries.

Recalling a conversation he had with Moss months ago, Hall could barely hold back his enthusiasm.

“I feel great,” Hall said. “I can remember talking to you this offseason, just kinda like telling you the plan, kinda like, ‘I’m gonna start on PUP, and hopefully I can get healthy and I get back out there.’

“And the first thing you told me is, ‘There’s going to come a point where you’re gonna be healthy before it’s time to come off, and you’re gonna be itching to come off,’ and, boy, I’ve been itching for the past month.”

“Because I’ve been feeling so good, but the limitation has been that Week 6 deadline, which I hit about two weeks ago,” he said. “And I started practicing, but it was a short week, so I practiced a little bit the Philly week, practiced a little bit the Dallas week, and then I came in this week to practice kinda expecting the same thing, keep getting my legs under me, keep getting my wind.”

“The coaches just told me, ‘Hey, be ready for anything. Be ready.’ And they started putting me in with the defense, and getting some reps, and you know, kinda seeing things and asking me how I feel about doing certain things,” he said.

“Just to go out there, after what I’ve been through the last couple years, and put a helmet on and battle with these guys,” he continued. “It’s different telling a guy to fight, and telling him why we’re fighting, and what this means to me or to them, or what it should mean to a person, coming from someone who doesn’t have that helmet on, or doesn’t have those pads on, who hasn’t been through camp with them, and hasn’t been on the field playing with them.”

“And so, to finally cross that threshold of kinda honorary coach to back being a player,” he said, “I’m so pumped up, man. I told the young guys, like, cherish every play on that field, because you never know when it’s going to be your last.

“And I feel like playing in that last game I played in before I got hurt, I feel like I was laying everything I had on the line, and so to get another opportunity, it’s almost like picking the wrong door — Door 1, 2, 3 — picking the wrong door. And they’re saying, ‘Oh, that’s okay. You get one more try!’ What? I get another try?”

“You know, I’m so pumped up to get out there, man,” he said. “I’m telling coaches, like, I don’t know how I’m gonna contain myself. I’m cramping up already, just running around in practice feeling just so pumped up. So I gotta try to just be a silent assassin and not be too animated come game day.”

“No doubt, man. Take it one step at a time,” Moss replied. “You know my prayers are with you. Go out there and fight for them boys.”

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