For Redskins fans watching the Jimmy Garoppolo trade to San Francisco Monday night, the move might have signaled more than an unproven backup quarterback changing teams.

Garoppolo, 25, goes to the 49ers by way of the Patriots, who acquired a 2018 second-round draft pick in the pre-deadline deal, according to ESPN.

JP Finlay of NBCSports Washington believes, in going through with the move, Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers “are giving up on going after Kirk Cousins, and that’s because they don’t believe he hits the market in 2018.”

Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies may be a believer in Finlay’s theory.

Lurch: You maintain that they think that they’re going to franchise him again. I don’t know if they’re gonna —

EB: Franchise him or long-term him. Yeah. I think he’ll be here in 2018.

Lurch: But long-term’s gonna cost a lot of money.

After franchising Cousins in 2016 and 2017 — at an approximate combined value of $43.85 million — the Redskins would owe their quarterback an additional $34.5 million for a third straight franchise tag.

EB: They botched it. They’re just gonna have to eat it.

Lurch: Well, we’ll just ave to let it play out. We still have no idea. There’s still gonna be a bunch of teams that need a quarterback.

EB: Bottom line is, this whole thing was about — a lot of people thought — was about relationships. This was about Kirk feeling disrespected here, but that he had this bond with Kyle and with McVay. Well those two options, the two prime options, are now gone for him. That’s good, if you’re a pro-Kirker here in D.C.

Public consensus has held that, if the Redskins do let Cousins hit the open market, he may find a warm welcome in either San Francisco or Los Angeles, where former Redskins assistants Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay are serving as respective first-year head coaches.

In acquiring Garoppolo, the 49ers may have taken themselves out of the running for Cousins, while the Rams, at 5-2, are outperforming early season expectations under second-year quarterback Jared Goff.

Cakes: But he’ll still have other NFL options. There’ll be eight or nine other teams sniffing around Kirk Cousins this offseason.

EB: There are plenty of bad teams out there that need quarterbacks. There might even be some decent ones. But I still think he will be here in 2018, and I think this emboldens my position.

Lurch: I don’t know if he’ll be here in 2018 or not — he may be — I just don’t think he’ll be here under another franchise tag.

JP: I wouldn’t doubt it at all. None of you guys thought he was gonna get a second franchise tag. I said he’ll probably stay here.

EB: They didn’t think he was worth the $20 million, they didn’t think he was worth the $24 [million], and he may not be, but they’ve been willing to pay it.

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