By Chris Lingebach

The Redskins’ maddening degree of injuries led The Sports Junkies into a vintage John-Paul Flaim vs. Eric Bickel argument.

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden announced 13 injured players after Sunday’s loss to Dallas, so many it will be a struggle to even dress enough players in Seattle next Sunday.

“The issue is we’ve got 13 guys that are questionable, and we only have seven guys that we can put inactive,” Gruden told reporters Monday. “That’s the major issue that we have right now, so we have to try to get six of those guys up, at least. Somehow.”

Monday morning, JP suggested the effect of these injuries on the Redskins’ season is being overblown.

JP: The injuries, by the way, it’s this game with the offensive line. There were five games where the offensive line. There were five games where the offensive line was completely healthy and they weren’t doing much in the running game.

EB: It’s true, but it affects your passing game. JP, it affects your passing game, too.

JP: I understand you can say they’re more injured, but the Eagles lost their stud tackle. They lost a guy on their defense, a starter. Teams overcome injuries.

EB: Yeah, but that’s one!

Lurch: They’ve lost one. [The Redskins] have lost four! Actually, five, if you consider the backup.

EB: Four, plus two tight ends!

JP: They had two of their five starters yesterday.

Lurch (audible sigh): They didn’t have their best starters.

That sigh, I like to think, was Lurch realizing they’re in this now, another semantic argument with JP, who lives to tilt.

JP: Understood. They didn’t have their two Pro-Bowlers.

Lurch: Yes. That’s what you need. Especially in a game like that.

EB: They’ve had more. It is what it is. All teams have injuries. They’ve had just a ridiculous amount of them. So, it just is what it is. You can deny it.

JP: I mean, the Vikings are winning games with a third-string quarterback. Their third-stringer!

EB: And they’re doing it with an unbelievable defense. We don’t have that.

JP: And didn’t their stud running back go down? Dalvin Cook?

Lurch: Yep.

JP: 6-2. A stud running back and their starting quarterback — down.

In the next segment, The Junks took a call from midday host Grant Paulsen, who launched his campaign by saying “J.P.’s making no sense.”

Huge mistake, in my opinion.

“Eric is saying, ‘Yeah, well, the Redskins are injured so they’re not as good,’ and JP keeps yelling that other teams are injured, too,” Paulsen said. “And then he uses excuses of all teams that aren’t winning right now because they’re injured!

“The Detroit Lions can’t win. The Green Bay Packers had 90 passing yards. He’s like, ‘Aaron Rodgers got hurt, they’re still playing…’ Yes. They’re throwing for 90 yards now, and losing while they’re doing it. He’s referencing all teams that cannot win right now because they’re injured, to say that other teams are injured, which makes Eric’s point.”

When Paulsen referenced an injury to Redskins corner Bashaud Breeland, JP honed his argument: “You need to overcome a Bashaud Breeland injury. That is a dime-a-dozen injury in the NFL, defensively.”

EB: But it’s not just Breeland! It’s Trent Murphy. It’s Su’a Cravens. It’s Mason Foster. It’s Jonathan Allen. It’s Phil Taylor. It’s Bashaud Breeland.

JP: Phil Taylor?!

EB: Phil Taylor was gonna be a contributor. And that’s just defense!

Lurch: It’s Trent Williams. It’s Brandon Scherff.

By this point, it was getting nice and heated. Obviously, instead of backing down, JP dug his heels in for more.

Lurch: I’m not saying that the Redskins are world-beaters or Super Bowl champions if they had all these guys, but it certainly has affected their games the last two weeks.

EB: I’m saying if they had all those guys, they’re still maybe 9-7. I’m not saying they’re 12-4 or 13-3, but you can’t get to your nine [wins]… I don’t even have enough paper! I don’t even have enough room on the paper to write all the injured guys!

JP: That’s because you’re including preseason guys! You’re including DeAngelo Hall and Phil Taylor.

EB: They’re preseason contributors.

JP: I mean, Su’a Craven? C’mon.


While most humans possess an ability to acknowledge when they might be wrong, JP views a difference in opinion as blood in the water, immediately doubles down, and then submits you to death by a thousand nitpicking paper cuts.

The thing about arguing with JP is, you just shouldn’t do it.

Unless, of course, you enjoy your day being ruined, which, if 106.7 The Fan’s web traffic is any indicator, is just about everyone who’s visited our website today.

So enjoy!

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