By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — The Redskins thought they were landing a big fish in Terrelle Pryor. Instead, halfway through the season, it looks more like they’ve been catfished.

Pryor was the answer to not re-signing DeSean Jackson or Pierre Garcon, coming off of his own 1,000-yard season with three subpar quarterbacks throwing to him in Cleveland. He was an offseason workout warrior, posting countless videos on Instagram and performing well under the watchful eye of all-time great Randy Moss.

He looked stellar in training camp. He did fine in the preseason. He was named the top WR1 on the depth chart.

And he has since gone missing.

Through six games, he is on track to finish with less than 600 yards receiving and two or three touchdowns.

Now, with his number out of the play call and his confidence likely shaken, the Redskins need to bring him out of the dog house and get him back into a groove where he can succeed.

“I think they’re going to have to recalibrate a few things,” CBS Sports NFL analyst Jason La Canfora told the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan. “Moving forward, I would suspect that it’s more like what he was used for in Cleveland.”

In Cleveland, Pryor played under head coach Hue Jackson, who is the original Pryor Whisperer of sorts. La Canfora isn’t a Jackson believer but acknowledged that the Redskins need to identify someone who can reach Pryor.

“Hue Jackson was the one dude who was able to reach this kid,” La Canfora said. “Remember, [Pryor] was in Seattle where Pete Carroll and John Schneider are pretty damn good and they can coerce you into doing what they want. He said no to them when they tried to convert him to receiver.

“Hue was the one guy who managed to convince him that he could do this and make a career out of it. Now, he comes here, he drops balls early, he drops touchdowns, he gets a little down in the dumps. They’ve got other guys that they want to look at as well. He never really doesn’t have any in-game chemistry with the quarterback. I think it’s easy for this to snowball in kind of a negative way, and Hue was the one guy who could make him feel good about himself.

“Maybe the Redskins are still trying to find that guy within their sort of paradigm. Or maybe that guy doesn’t exist.”


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