By Chris Lingebach

A conversation between The Sports Junkies Wednesday about the Nationals’ managerial search momentarily shifted to the Redskins, calling into question head coach Jay Gruden’s perceived job security.

Gruden is in Year 4 of his original five-year deal with Washington, but was granted a two-year extension in March — amidst all of the Scot McCloughan drama at the scouting combine in Indianapolis — keeping Gruden under contract through 2020.

Coming off Monday’s 34-24 loss to Philadelphia, the Redskins are 3-3 and face a string of challenging opponents in the next four weeks.

On Sunday, they host Dallas (3-3), before making the longest flight in the NFL, to the Pacific Northwest to play the Seahawks (4-2) on Nov. 5. The following Sunday, they return home against the Vikings (5-2) on Nov. 12, before going on the road again to face the Saints (4-2) on Nov. 19.

The potential for Washington’s season to come unglued has The Junkies revisiting that contact extension for Gruden, whose 24-29 combined coaching record over three-plus seasons has seen the Redskins in the playoffs once, with 2017’s outcome to be determined.

Lurch: It would be interesting to see what happens to Grudog if they don’t make the playoffs, if they go 6-10 or 7-9. Then that would be four years of missing the playoffs.

EB: I think he’s safe if they go 7-9, maybe even 6-10, but if it really bottoms out, he’s in trouble. If it really bottoms out, he’s in trouble.

Lurch: Yeah, and I don’t think it’s going to really bottom out. I think, at worst, they’ll be 7-9.

EB: I don’t think so either, but I think they’re going to lose their next two. Unfortunately.

Which would put the Redskins at 3-5 with the Vikings and Saints up next.

Lurch: But usually, coaches that… well, unless you’re Marvin Lewis, although Marvin Lewis went on a run of making the playoffs every single year. But usually coaches who don’t make the playoffs in four out of five years aren’t kept.

EB: Absolutely. Right. The only reason why you were saying he would be kept is because he got the extension, which, again, I believe was a PR move, from all of the McCloughan distraction. Remember? All of that nonsense. Let’s get something positive going, make it look like we’re stable. And then also, maybe they thought there might have been a little side benefit of placating Kirk a little bit.

Lurch: And the Skins have proven that the extensions don’t mean much with coaches.

EB: They don’t mean anything. Yeah, cause they’ll just add an extra dollar of beer prices and cover that cost.

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  1. Rick Harris says:

    Good riddance. I can’t think of a single coaching element at which he succeeds. His supporters say that he is an excellent designer of plays. Really; then how come they cannot score in the Red Zone? He is a terrible game manager, who never makes adjustments. Answer this question for me: how is it that Terrell Pryor was a 1,000-yard receiver in Cleveland, without a QB, and he will finish her with 200 yards? They had a chance to hire one of their own (Todd Bowles) and yielded to the “good ole boys network”.

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