By Bryan Frantz

I’m going to make something clear: #DeuceGrudenFacts is not really sweeping the Twitter nation. I’m sorry I misled you.

That said, people are doing things with the hashtag that bears the name of Deuce Gruden, the son of Jon Gruden and the nephew of Redskins head coach Jay Gruden.

The Redskins’ assistant strength and conditioning coach has become something of a cult hero after this week’s Monday Night Football broadcast pictured him with famously buff referee Ed Hochuli.

And then, #DeuceGrudenFacts came to be. (Disclosure: #DeuceGrudenFacts existed before this week, it just gained popularity after that picture went viral.) Stealing the concept from the early internet phenomenon Chuck Norris Facts, the concept is: Deuce Gruden once did/does/can do [something impossible], followed by #DeuceGrudenFacts. It’s kind of like The Most Interesting Man in the World, but different.

Here’s a sampling:

The Redskins might be 3-3, but Deuce Gruden is undefeated. #DeuceGrudenFacts

(I don’t think I did that right.)

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