By Chris Lingebach

After Monday’s 34-24 loss to the Eagles, the Redskins’ season is hanging in the balance at 3-3, The Sports Junkies say.

Philadelphia (6-1) now holds a commanding lead over Washington and Dallas. The Giants are barely worth mentioning, but they’re 1-6.

“The Redskins’ season is hanging in the balance,” EB said. “If you had to put a gun to my head, I’d say they have to beat the Dallas Cowboys, because I don’t see them winning in Seattle. I don’t think Seattle’s overwhelming, they’re just very difficult to beat in Seattle.”

“You can’t drop to 3-5,” said Cakes. “You just can’t. Even in a mediocre NFC, you can’t.”

“3-5 is a death knell on the season,” EB agreed. “And then it just spirals out of control halfway through, which typically happens here. It’s a shame, because there are times, when this team is healthy, that I think it’s pretty good. This is a pretty good football team, when it’s healthy.”

The outcome was exactly as he foresaw it. “I had a small emotional hedge going on it, because I thought it would be difficult for us to win the game,” EB said. “And we got Carson Wentz’d.”

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Wentz shredded Washington’s defense, completing 17 of 25 passes (68%) for four touchdowns with one interception, and ran for another 63 yards as the game’s leading rusher.

“You were right,” Lurch said. “He was the difference. He’s really good.”

“The guy, I’m telling you, he’s the difference and he is the best young quarterback I’ve seen in quite a few years,” EB said.

“The MVP talk for him is warranted,” Cakes added. “And he did it on the biggest stage last night on Monday Night Football. Not only did he throw four touchdowns, he led the Eagles in rushing with 63 yards.”

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Ironically enough, EB noted, “the game turned negatively on the Quinton Dunbar interception, because we lost some yardage there.”

Dunbar’s first-quarter interception came on a second-and-31, with the Eagles backed up to their own end zone. Dunbar pulled it down at Washington’s 42-yard line, effectively a 54-yard punt.

EB: Remember it was like first-and-500? They were backed against their own [end zone]. …We ended up then starting on our own 31-yard line. It would have taken a great punt to get there. We went three-and-out. They marched down, scored. We went three-and-out again. They scored again. Went to halftime. They came back and scored and that was it! And then we were just chasing. The game turned on the Quinton Dunbar interception.

JP: Nah, I think that was much earlier. The defense still held up. I mean, I think you’re skipping some major possessions there.

EB: Not really. Dunbar interception. Then we got three-and-out, and then they score. Then we go three-and-out, and then they score. And then we go to halftime, and then they score.

Cakes: And then they get the ball back in the second half.

EB: Yeah. That’s exactly what happened. The game turned on the Dunbar interception in my opinion, in terms of field position. We lost field position. We lost momentum. I went through the play-by-play this morning. I remember it as it occurred. I was like, ‘Wow. I’m glad he thew a pick, but a punt would have been better.’

“The season is hanging in the balance,” JP said. “It can turn very quickly, where you go from very optimistic at 3-2, to losing this game, looking at the schedule — with Dallas and Seattle looming — and an offensive line that appears to be in shambles.”

INJURIES: Williams, Scherff, Moses All Go Down

Cakes: I mean, Trent Williams was limping back to the locker room with the biggest bag of ice you’ve ever seen on his leg.

EB: He’ll be lucky to make it the next couple weeks.

JP: Brandon Scherff could end up being ruled out. We don’t know.

EB: Scherff will have minimum a sprained MCL. Minimum.

Lurch: He’ll be out for a few weeks. Moses was in and out with the ankles.

EB: I don’t understand why, in college, they brace up… every big school in the power conferences require it, that their offensive lineman are braced up, for those roll-up situations. I don’t understand why at the pro level they don’t do that. Just to give you that extra layer of protection, even if it’s only an extra 10 or 20 percent. Because how many times did we see that happen just last night? These offensive linemen are so vulnerable.

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