Story updated with an alternative possibility at 1:10 a.m.

WASHINGTON — Misery Tuesday looks likely to drag into Sad and Confused Wednesday (and beyond) if Bryce Harper went to a Las Vegas Golden Knights game last night wearing a Detroit Tigers’ T-shirt.

The font is the same. It certainly looks like a Detroit “D.” But because of his sweet denim jacket, it’s hard to tell what exactly he’s wearing. You can decide for yourself:

Twitter user @JClem19 pointed out that it might be a Fear of God logo by New Era that intentionally looks like the Tigers’ logo:

Which could make this all a non-story. But we can say with relative certainty that he is wearing:

  • a Golden Knights hat;
  • a ring on his right index finger;
  • a BH necklace;
  • a denim jacket that does not reach his waistline.

The rest, we may never know for sure. I’m still calling in sick today, just in case.


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