Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Redskins on Monday night.

Phrasing that any other way would be incorrect. The Eagles were the better team. Wentz is a monster who the Redskins seemingly will have to deal with for years. Three thoughts from Lincoln Financial Field.

1) Did I mention Carson Wentz is really freaking good? Mason Foster gave his best shot at describing why he’s so hard to bring down. “It’s so hard to tell with a quarterback who is athletic like that, but he just knows how to make plays. On one play he ducked underneath everybody and ducked low to the ground; I thought he went down. He’s just a good player.”

He’s beyond that. Right now, he’s an All-Pro. Some of the throws he made were incredibly impressive. He’s impossible to bring down. He is the reason the Eagles are 6-1 and he’s in year two. That is horrifying.

2) Josh Doctson finally started and had three catches on a season-high five targets. The start came at the expense of Terrelle Pryor, who barely played at all in the first half. Pryor said all the right things after the game, while admitting this season has certainly not played out how he expected.

“We drafted Josh to be the number one guy,” Gruden said when pressed on Pryor after the game. “He’s had some injuries, but now that he’s healthy, we want to see what he can do. We’re gonna use them all. It doesn’t really matter who starts.”

This came after Pryor played over 80 percent of the snaps last week with Doctson playing a season low 19. The fluctuation is interesting. Gruden is saying the right things, but there is some “if you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have one to this.” If you have two “number one” receivers, do you really have one?

That said, Doctson is the proper guy to give the shot. He’s in year two of a rookie deal and you spent a first-rounder on him. You want him to be the guy. Giving him the opportunity to do so seems like a good and logical idea.

3) Trent Williams is one of the toughest men I’ve ever met. He is playing through a torn ligament under his kneecap that leaves said kneecap unstable. It is painful. It is hard to move with. He is playing high level professional football and then suffering for days on end. He does not know if that is the smart thing to do.

“I can’t really perform like I want to. Like I’m capable of. I’m not sure if I’m hurting the team by trying to be out there,” Williams told a gaggle of reporters after the game. “I don’t know if I’m doing myself or the team any justice. I’ll just have to go back and evaluate. Take the next step from there.”

Williams continued: “I’m just trying to push through for my teammates. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. Just doing what my heart’s tellin me to do right now.”

With the short week, it’s almost guaranteed he does not practice again. To be determined if he can even consider playing.

Quote of the day: Want a ray of sunshine? Jordan Reed had his first two touchdowns of the year and looked like himself for the first time. “I felt confident in my body,” Reed said in the locker room. “I felt confident to stick my foot in the ground and press of it. To burst off it. It felt good.”

Stat of the day: While I despise this stat, because I think it means nothing, it does lead to a fun fact at the end. Kirk Cousins is now 0-6 on Monday Night Football. The last quarterback to go 0-6? Archie Manning. While his two most famous sons are named Peyton and Eli, Archie’s eldest is named Cooper. Kirk had his first child last week. His name? Cooper.

The only other quarterback to go 0-6 on Monday Night Football is Joe Namath. He has no sons. His daughter’s names are Jessica and Olivia.

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