By Chris Lingebach

MASN television analyst Ray Knight was charged with assault and battery after an incident at his home on Sunday, Fairfax County police say.

Knight, 64, was arrested after police were called to his Alexandria home for a fight around 4 a.m. Sunday, over an argument between Knight and a 33-year-old male acquaintance, police say.

The argument became physical and both men had visible injuries, police say. Both men were taken to the hospital and treated with non-life-threatening injuries. Knight was later taken to the Adult Detention Center and has since been released.

Knight informed The Washington Post the fight occurred after four people, including the 33-year-old man, arrived at the house, which he rents. Knight told The Post he was asleep but awoke and got into a verbal dispute with the man. It quickly escalated to blows.

“Two grown men were acting like immature men,” Knight told The Post. “I hate that it transpired. I hope it gets worked out in a fair and equitable way.”

Per The Post, Knight apologized for the publicity the incident caused, adding it did not reflect upon his character, and it was his first arrest.

He’s scheduled for court in Jan. 2018.

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