By Chris Lingebach

The Sports Junkies Thursday had a riveting 30-minute interview experience with Steve-O, who’s performing Thursday, Oct. 19 through Sunday, Oct. 22 at Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse, offering a unique preview of his upcoming comedy special.


But let’s talk about what really matters: Steve-O’s “Bonus Content” post-interview interview with Awadd.

Valdez: I don’t want to bring up Awadd, but his questioning needs to be vetted.

EB: See, I’ve grilled him before. I hate when he does this. So he ruins… So the guest comes in here, Steve-O really had a great time. I mean, in my opinion. He’s said to us several times how cool it was, what a great time he had. I mean, he didn’t have to say that.

Valdez: Well, he likes you guys, because I remember the last time in Fairfax, when he left, he actually called back into the station from the car because he was listening on the way out.

EB: Yeah, yeah. He’s just a good dude. We just hit it off, and I think it’s because he’s a good dude. But then, you know, Adam has to hit him up with his dumb video questions and ruins his experience.

Valdez: Do you know what he said to him?

Cakes: Awadd is the saboteur amongst us.

Valdez: It’s almost verbatim, but he basically said, ‘You see Johnny Knoxville from Jackass. He’s blowing up and he got in a movie. When are you gonna blow up and get your big break?’

EB: You’re kidding, right? That was your question?

Awadd: No, not at all.

EB: You’re fired. You’re fired.

Awadd: I said, ‘You saw Johnny Knoxville’s been in Hollywood. He was the star of the movie ‘The Ringer.’ Are you gonna be able to star in a movie?’ And he said he’s already writing a script! It was the perfect question for his answer!

Here is what Awadd asked Steve-O, verbatim. But first, some context.

Steve-O had wrapped up an explanation of the upcoming comedy special he’s taping on Jan. 20, which he was reluctant to even call a ‘comedy special,’ because “I feel like comedy special, people are gonna roll their eyes. Like, they come out so much.”

“But what it is, it’s a real, like, Jackass event,” he said. “Jeff Tremaine, the director of Jackass, and I are doing it together, and so I’m just putting all of the finishing touches on it.”

To be clear, Tremaine produced all four movies in the Jackass lineage, which together grossed $356.2 million domestic, $487.6 million worldwide.

One might figure, to have a starring role in any of these movies — certainly three of them, as Steve-O did — would equate to already ‘getting your shot.’

And, having the opportunity to work with that producer again seems like a big deal in and of itself.

“There’s a lot of new, crazy stuff in there,” Steve-O said of the upcoming Tremaine-produced special. “I don’t know. It’s gonna be a great weekend at the Arlington Drafthouse, kind of perfecting, putting the finishing touches on this show.”

So, naturally, Awadd followed up by asking when Steve-O’s gonna get his big break: “I’ve been a fan of all the Jackass guys. You saw Knoxville made it in Hollywood. He was the star of ‘The Ringer.’ When are you gonna get your shot? When are you gonna get your movie?”

“Actually, I finished writing a script very recently,” Steve-O replied, because he didn’t have a choice. “And I’m counting on this comedy special to give me the leverage to get that script made. I’m pretty happy with everything going on. I don’t know, like, uh… We’ll see what comes next. I’ve got a bunch of stuff coming out in 2018, so… maybe I get to make that movie. Who knows? We’ll see what happens.”

EB: Why would you put him on the defensive in that and make him feel like he’s subservient to anybody? Steve-O’s a big star!

Awadd: No, no, no. He knew that I’m a big fan of his.

EB: It doesn’t matter. You’re so dumb.

Valdez: You’re making him feel lesser than Johnny Knoxville.

EB: That question was terrible! Don’t ask dumb questions.

Awadd: That question was not terrible at all.

Drab: No, don’t ask any questions.

Cakes: That’s the better tact.

Drab: I told him Steve-O has to be on TV in 15 minutes, and he can’t do these videos.

EB: Yeah. Stop with your dumb videos. Nobody cares about your dumb videos.

Drab: He had a chance during the commercial break. We’ve told him a hundred times. He waits till they’re trying to rush out the door and goes, ‘Can you play Two Minutes With Awadd, or whatever his dumb segment’s called.

Awadd: Steve-O enjoyed me, alright, so you guys can give me all the crap you want.

EB: He’s just incredibly nice. I guarantee you he was back in the limo going, ‘Who is the nerd that ruined the experience?’ God, you suck.

Cakes: By the way, in the future, if we have a two-segment guest, you have to grab them during the break, because if you grab them on the way out, it taints the whole experience.

To get a larger sample, I asked Danny Rouhier how he felt about Awadd’s question, specifically if he thought it was “mildly insulting.”

Staggeringly insulting,” he replied.

Next came a truly stunning level of self-awareness.

Awadd: Why don’t you watch the video first! Maybe I had a better interview than you!

Oh, did I say awareness? I meant whatever’s diametrically the opposite of it.

Valdez: Don’t belittle his career in front of him.

Drab: He just said he had a better interview than you. That’s what he just said.

Cakes: He said you should watch my video. Maybe it’s better than the interview we just did with Steve-O… for FORTY MINUTES! Your TWO minutes is better than our FORTY?

Awadd: Well, how can you joan if you haven’t even watched it? You’re listening to Valdez, who botched the question.

EB: Because I know you!

Yeah. I’m sure it was Valdez who botched the question.

But yes, let’s watch the video.

Valdez: I wrapped it up pretty neatly.

EB: Can he just quit? Because obviously we’re not gonna fire him. Just quit. I’m begging you to quit. Just quit, man.

No comment.

EB: God. People, I wish they understood the dynamic. So, we go to commercial, and everyone’s just thanking him — ‘Hey man, thanks a lot, man. That was really great stuff.’ — and he really gave us great radio.

Cakes: We’re taking pictures. I almost feel sheepish just bothering the guy for a picture.

EB: We wanted to take a picture, because we really enjoyed you. A lot of times, we don’t want to take a picture with the guys because we don’t even like ’em. Like, we really liked him.

Lurch: Drab makes us do it.

EB: If we go out of our way and say, ‘Hey man, we want to get a picture before you leave,’ that’s because we really, really like you and we want to remember it. And then Adam starts asking him these dumb questions in his own belittling way.

EB: This [studio] is our world. That out there is just a nightmare.

Lurch: I like to be here, in this room, either with you guys or by myself. I don’t like to be out there ever.

EB: Interacting with humans, we’re not good at that.

Cakes: This is our cocoon right here. This is where we’re comfortable.

EB: And you’re terrible at it.

Valdez: I had to cover my ears, just because I had secondhand embarrassment.

Awadd: Well, I mean Valdez is talking a lot of crap. He couldn’t ask him a question without stumbling.

EB: But that’s why he’s a producer. He knows basically not to ask anything.

Awadd: Well, I’m working on my career. I’m trying to get better. I’m making the most of my opportunities.

At some point, it would be nice to see some evidence.

This is but a small gripe, but one would think, after several years on the job, an interviewer would have learned to hold the mic in front of his face for the entirety of his question before transferring it over to his guest.

EB: You’ve got no career!

Valdez: Work on your career on your time, not on The Junks’ time.

EB: Your career? What’s your career?

Awadd: What is it not? What do you mean? I work at a radio station in Washington, D.C.

EB: What do you do?

Awadd: I cut a couple videos. And I interview the guests after you guys, and I badger them with more questions.

What more needs to be said?

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