by Rick Snider

It’s now the Washington Wizards’ turn to tease fans for months before exiting the playoffs earlier than expected.

The Wiz should win 50 games this season. John Wall could be the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. They’re as good as anyone in the Eastern Conference, if healthy, and have been on the cusp of the Eastern Conference finals long enough that now it should be a given.

And then Cleveland will take the finals and everyone will be bummed over missing the championship round.

Sound familiar?

Maybe it’s the constant Washington Capitals and Nationals postseason letdowns that make it hard to believe in the Wiz. Yet, they have a decent chance given a talented roster. Sure, it would be nice if Markieff Morris didn’t wait until the season’s doorstep to have surgery after a summer break, but he’ll be back by the spring when it matters most.

Scott Brooks: Cavs Still The ‘Team to Beat’

If the Wiz truly have the best backcourt with Bradley Beal and Wall, then they’re going to cruise through games this season like last year when winning 49. But, can they do it in the postseason against Cleveland, that has won three straight Eastern titles with LeBron James?

It all comes down to health and momentum come April. The rest is a running show to enjoy, just like the Caps and Nats. And if six months of good times matters most to many, then get ready to have fun. Why, the Wiz are even playing on Christmas, the high bar of excellence.

But if it’s the postseason that only rings your bell, well… we’ll see. The Wiz are capable. But then so were the Caps and Nats before early exits. Maybe it’s just too soon to believe anyone in this town can truly succeed.

The Wiz probably have the best chance. Check back again in six months.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter @Snide_Remarks.


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