By Chris Lingebach

A caller into The Sports Junkies hit the snooze button on the end of Monday’s broadcast.

It was only 10 a.m., but Rocco in Westminster had already had a long day…

EB: Real quick, let’s go to Rocco. Rocco, what’s up, buddy? You’re on with The Junkies.

[snoring sounds]

EB: Is he sleeping?

Cakes: He definitely is.

EB: Did he fall asleep? That’s why he’s been on hold an hour.

Lurch: Hold on. Listen to him.

[continued snoring sounds]

EB: He’s having a silly sleep right now.

Lurch: JP put him to sleep!

EB recommended keeping Rocco on the line through the final minutes of the broadcast.

EB: That’s Rocco. We really entertained him today.

Lurch: I want to be him right now. I want to be Rocco.

Valdez: He’s in REM sleep.

JP: I’m sure people work hard! I’m sure people out there that have real jobs work hard!

Cakes: They don’t work hard! We’re doing MGM National Harbor last week, everybody’s gambling! Nobody’s working! They’re either gambling or they’re sleeping.

JP: That’s a terrible snore.

Lurch: That sounded like my wife last night.

Sleep tight, buddy.

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