By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — The Washington Nationals won Game 2 of the NLDS by knocking it around in the eighth inning. They secured a win in Game 4 by pouring it on in the eighth inning.

The other 34 innings of the first four games of the series have been a different story, with the Nats scoring three runs total, two via error.

Prior to the winner-take-all Game 5, the Nats pulled out all the stops, calling on a higher power to bring an extra degree of righteousness to the plate. Nats broadcaster F.P. Santangelo had this pre-game nugget:

With all of the chaos in the world today, this seems…worth it. And through the first several innings of Thursday’s game, it seemed to be making a difference.

Trea Turner got on base and stole second for the first time this series.

Matt Wieters bunted away from the shift and got an infield single.

He was slugged in by Michael A. Taylor, who hit his second monster home run in as many days.

Jayson Werth even got his first extra-base hit of the series, a standup double.

Maybe there really is something to it.


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