The Nationals lead the Cubs 1-0 after seven innings in Game 4 of the National League Division Series.

If you’ve been watching the series on TBS, you may have noticed a slight Cubs tinge from play-by-play announcer Ron Darling.

That was the subject  a question posed to Nats GM Mike Rizzo, during his weekly appearance with The Sports Junkies Wednesday before the game.

Burke & Herbert Bank Fan Question of the Week

Does it rankle you when the Cubs’ .179 batting average against the Nats is rarely, if ever, mentioned during the NLDS? — Tom in Derwood

“No. They’re the defending world champs,” Rizzo said. “They’ve got the crown. They get the benefit of the doubt. They’re up 2-1, and no, it doesn’t bother me whatsoever.”

“What bothers me is that we’re down 2-1 in this series,” he said. “I want to win this thing. We’ve got to win today, and if we’re fortunate enough to play tomorrow night, then we win tomorrow and we all move on. And that’s the goal.”

“That’s the only thing I look into,” he said. “That’s my focus, and I’m passionate about it and so is the team. We’re going to be ready to strap it on at 3:08 today in Chi Town.”


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