By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — The Redskins weren’t expected to beat the Kansas City Chiefs, on the road in prime time, on Monday night.

Then again, they weren’t expected to beat the Oakland Raiders a week earlier, either.

And they came so, so close to back-to-back upsets. Here’s how it went down.

Kirk Cousins led the Redskins on a spectacular late-game drive, bringing Washington to the Kansas City 22-yard line. He ran three times for 23 yards on the drive, and he got within inches of tossing the go-ahead touchdown.

Instead, this happened.

The ball was in Josh Doctson’s hands, he made the impressive grab, but he rotated his body too much in midair and landed on the ball, popping it out as he hit the ground. The Redskins had to settle for a game-tying field goal, but there were still 47 seconds left on the clock and the Chiefs had two timeouts to work with.

Kansas City quickly worked its way up the field, picking up 50 yards on six plays, setting up a 43-yard field goal attempt by rookie kicker Harrison Butker.

Just four seconds remained on the clock for Washington, the game virtually over, but there’s always the chance for a miracle. Instead, we got this:

A complete and utter heartbreak for the Redskins, who were terrific for much of the game. They faltered in the second half and couldn’t get stops on defense, a problem exacerbated by the many, many injuries suffered by members of the secondary.

What was so, so nearly 3-1 for the Redskins became 2-2 on a 29-20 loss, and suddenly the next two weeks become a little less bright in Washington.

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