By Chris Lingebach

Kirk Cousins would be making a “major mistake” if he decides to leave the Redskins after 2017, Joe Theismann warns.

The former Redskins quarterback called into 106.7 The Fan Friday afternoon to impart some wisdom to Cousins, via his radio conduits Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier. Cousins is a weekly guest of the Grant & Danny Show the day after each Redskins game.

“I’ll say it right now before we go any further,” Theismann said. “For Kirk Cousins to decide to leave the Washington Redskins would be a major mistake for Kirk Cousins.”

Cousins is playing on his second consecutive franchise tag after declining Washington’s long-term extension offer last offseason.

“You can’t put it all on the Redskins in this,” Theismann said.

“Put yourself in Kirk’s shoes,” Paulsen said. “You’re with the Redskins and you have lost Sean McVay, who you had a great relationship with and was your main advocate in the building.”

“Well, I disagree with that,” Theismann interjected. “Jay Gruden’s a pretty good advocate, too.”

“Okay. He is a pretty good advocate,” Paulsen said. “He’s not on the same level as Sean McVay is in Kirk Cousins’ camp.”

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Theismann argued. “I mean, it’s Jay’s offense. Sean was just calling plays, and did a great job at it. And Jay — I’ve got to be honest with you — you can analyse these first three games any way you want, but it’s not the play-calling that created issues.”

“But what I was told was that, originally, when they benched Robert [Griffin III], there were people in the building that were huge Kirk guys,” Paulsen said. “And Jay’s been a Colt [McCoy] guy. Now, I’m just saying Kirk’s confidant that stood on the table for him more than anybody else was McVay. Now, Gruden and him have a growing relationship.”

“Let me just say this, and I’ll just leave it at this,” Theismann rared up for another ominous warning. “Don’t believe everything you’ve heard. Okay?”

“I’m not going to say anything more,” he said. “But I will tell you that it would probably serve you well not to believe everything you heard about this situation. That’s where it lies.”

Earlier, Theismann did agree that Cousins will “get whatever amount of money he wants to get” due to the NFL’s shortage of viable quarterbacks.

“Remember guys, Kirk was the one who chose not to sign a contract or respond to the Redskins’ offer,” he said. “So he made the decision to play this year out under the franchise tag. I think that the big thing is not economic with Kirk Cousins. He’ll get somewhere between $120 [million] and $130 million in a total contract, maybe even a little bit more someplace else.”

“But what he has to consider is what will the team that I choose to join, or stay with, look like with the supporting cast,” he added. “Am I gonna get killed for a couple million more? Do we have a chance to win for a couple more?

“Those are the questions,” he said. “Economics doesn’t even enter into the decision by Kirk Cousins, in my opinion.”

Theismann went on to call the quarterback position the “single-most dependent position on the field,” noting that the right supporting players surrounding the quarterback are a necessity for his success.

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