WASHINGTON — As the competition has gotten better, the Washington Redskins have improved in each of the first three games this season. Now, the next test comes again the Kansas City Chiefs, on the road and on Monday Night Football.

And if the Redskins can find a way to win, then one team beat reporter sees them in a new class: as Super Bowl contenders.

“I try not to use hyperbole, because then in situations like this, it’s more believable,” Michael Phillips from the Richmond Times-Dispatch told Chad Dukes vs. The World on 106.7 The Fan. “If they go beat one of the best teams in football on the road, after beating the Raiders at home like that, you say the Super Bowl’s the limit for this team. You really do.”

Forget the NFC East title; the Super Bowl.

“Those are two of the best teams in football and if they take care of business and come out of there with a win, I don’t see anyone else in the NFC where I would say that that team is definitively better than the Washington Redskins right now. That’s going to be our Tuesday morning conversation if they win.”

That’s a pretty sizable “if,” though.

The Redskins face a Chiefs team that hasn’t lost yet, smoking the New England Patriots, handling the Philadelphia Eagles one week after Philly beat Washington, and taking care of business vs. the Chargers.

They have a veteran quarterback who could make the surging Redskins’ defense look more pedestrian, and the best rushing offense in the NFL.

Despite Phillips saying a win this week puts them in the conversation for the postseason doesn’t mean he actually thinks it will happen.

“I’m with you [Chad], I think they’re going to lose,” he said. “But our Tuesday morning conversation can still be pretty good if they don’t embarrass themselves or have significant injuries. It’s a 2-2 team that held its own against a tough early schedule. Looking around the NFC East, I think you say the playoffs are very much still in front of them.”

With that being said, how crazy would it be if the Redskins find a way to win on Monday Night Football? Not so crazy, says receiver-turned-analyst Santana Moss.

“I’m going to pick the Redskins, regardless,” Moss said in response to a caller. “At the end of the day, the defense has made me a believer. Offensively, don’t jump off the bandwagon too fast. In two weeks, they’ve shown you that they can run the ball, that clock management and ball control.

“You have to do it more often for us to be believers, but I think that’s the new makeup of the offense.”


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