By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Fights are, in many casual fans’ eyes, among the top draws of hockey.

Where else in the four major American sports can you regularly expect to see fisticuffs? Nowhere.

Perhaps that’s why 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen is such a big fan of the sport. (It’s not, he genuinely appreciates the game and you can find him all over your TV and radio talking Capitals hockey. But stick with me.) Because who doesn’t love watching a pair of world-class athletes momentarily abandon their game to slug each other ruthlessly while referees look on and fans clamor madly?

The scene is Wednesday evening, and the Capitals are on the wrong side of an unbalanced game against the New Jersey Devils (4-1 at time of posting). Grant Paulsen — slim, coifed — coolly enjoys (tolerates?) the game from his superb seat.

Lo! A fight breaks out. Washington’s Brooks Orpik and New Jersey’s Stefan Noesen get into it, and who has the best seat in the house?

That’s right. Grant Paulsen, who, for what it’s worth, gives the nod to the good guy.

At least he wasn’t on his phone during the game, right?

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