By Craig Hoffman

As the Washington Redskins prepare to take on the Oakland Raiders in Week 3, 106.7 The Fan’s beat reporter Craig Hoffman has the latest news and analysis from the press box:

Offense: The Raiders will play plenty of man-to-man, which suits the Redskins just fine. Linebackers and safeties on their two best mismatch guys, Reed and Chris Thompson, are exactly how the Skins want to play. They’ll also try and work more of a vertical passing game. They know there were opportunities last week, and without Aaron Donald to push the middle of the pocket, they should have time to get them off.

The biggest concern, of course, is the pass rush of Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin. Trent Williams and Morgan Moses will get help from their running backs chipping. It’s also imperative that Kirk Cousins knows where Reggie Nelson is. Nelson, who was with Jay Gruden in Cincinnati, has terrific ball skills.

At Friday’s practice, Gruden lined up at a safety spot and yelled, “I AM REGGIE NELSON” in an “I AM WILLIAM WALLACE” (from the movie Braveheart) kind of voice before a skeleton passing drill.

Defense: The Raiders are loaded offensively and the Redskins know it. There weren’t really any good answers on how they stop them. They’re going to play their rules, which is what has worked through two games. Maybe the most under-talked about facet of Oakland’s offense though is their line play.

They’re big. They’re physical. They’re good. The biggest difference between the first two opponents and the Raiders isn’t the skill guys, it’s the line. There’s going to be an element of physicality the Redskins haven’t faced yet. Playing their rules is harder when they’re getting beat up.

They’re going to get beat up Sunday. They must remain solid if they want to slow down one of the most potent offenses in football.


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