By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — John Wall is perhaps the most beloved player currently playing for one of the District’s four major sports teams.

That’s not to say more people like Wall than they do, say, Kirk Cousins or Bryce Harper or Alex Ovechkin. But you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody around Washington saying bad things about Wall. Not only has he been the team’s best player for the past seven years, but he’s an extraordinarily likable person.

The latest evidence to this is the speech he gave Friday night when he was inducted into the University of Kentucky Hall of Fame.

Wall breaks down while discussing all the sacrifices his mother made to allow him to play basketball, including not paying the electric bill. It’s not the first time Wall has been brought to tears on the public stage. Who could forget the famous win over the Boston Celtics, which Wall dedicated to his recently passed young friend?

And yes, Colin Cowherd, Wall does break out his famous dance. And that’s a great thing.

(Please note John Wall was a University of North Carolina fan. Go Heels.)

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