Former Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth wants to set the record straight about his love for all women.

Haynesworth, 36, accused his ex-girlfriend, former Tennessee women’s basketball star Brittany Jackson, of racial and physical abuse. Jackson called the accusation “absurd.”

Haynesworth took to Twitter Thursday evening, in an apparent attempt to address a remark attributed to him following a 2011 sexual assault allegation made by a waitress at the W Hotel. “I don’t even like black girls,” Haynesworth reportedly said in response to the allegation.

(Editor’s Note: Curse words redacted)

Let me get something straight everybody can understand!!! I love ALL women!!! As long as you are a beautiful REAL WOMAN trust me I’m trying to smash!!! So to think that I’m going to alienate 1/6 of the US population you are [freaking] wrong! My damn BIGGEST problem is I love women! One day ONE woman can settled me down (Black, white, brown or yellow) but until then, I’m like most guys in this world, just a squirrel trying to get a [peanut emoji].


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